somedays you just have to throw on a cute outfit and say, “okay monday, please be good to me.”

I changed my clothes twice this morning before opting for a much cuter third choice.  I rationed that this Moan-day was going to be a rough one, so perhaps it was best to at least look cuter than I’d be feeling.  So I walked to my dress closet (not as fancy as it may sound as it’s mostly filled with empty  boxes) in my black leggings and pulled out the never-been worn black tutu-like dress, threw a black cardigan over top, black ankle boots, and completed with a front-braided ponytail…and TA-DA! 

Despite the exhaustion that is still seeping through my entire body- from my little Alfalfa hairs to my tippy toes- I really did think that the outfit would provide a mood booster.  Perhaps even some good luck.  No such luck.  Today was brutal. And that’s all I’m going to say. 

I forced myself to head straight to the gym after the commute back to the neighbor, and ran before my 1-hour spinning class.  While the stress dripped out of my pores, I couldn’t relax and even had a mini-panic attacked during class.  Oh well, I survived and the workout definitely helped; however, I hate to say it but today’s brutality may very well continue into tomorrow.  Maybe another cute outfit is in store.  Actually any outfit that is clean will do.  Note: I need to do laundry.

Good night, kids!  Hope you had a better Moan-day than me.

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