let me have a moment: hakuna matata

It’s only 9 am out here in Chicagoland and I actually allowed myself to “sleep in” til 8 am this morning.  Somehow being up for 1 hour, and really only ‘up’ for 30 minutes, I find myself stressed.  It will all be fine when I walk outside, in the cold air, in an hour or so.  But for now, I’m reminding myself to breathe and drink coffee from the Hakuna Matata mug Alisha sent me.  You’re the best, Sis!

While this long weekend has granted me amazing opportunities- in the form of volunteering- I’ll admit that it’s been quite frantic.  In the shower this morning, I (frantically) told myself- perhaps even outloud- that “You cannot do everything.”  But I sure have tried this weekend, and succeeding for the most part.  With the exception of this morning’s stressor, which is a work-related incident, I can say I’ve done fairly as I played the role of Super Volunteer, NFL Games Volunteer Coordinator, Child Life Extraordinaire, and, oh, Cat Sitter.  (Although Phoebe, Sarah’s cat, may disagree as I never ended up staying as long as I planned, but she was fed on time- for the most part.)

However, I feel as though I’ve done a horrible job at performing other roles, including Friend, Daughter, and Sister.  Other than a few texts, Facebook messages & “Happy Birthday” posts, and 2-fifteen minute phone calls with my mom, I’ve been lacking in the family and friend circuit.  Looking at unanswered calls, texts, FB messages, and emails, I just feel like a bad friend to so many people.  Thank God for Stef and our dates on Thursday and Saturday nights, which were definitely saving graces for me this weekend.  Not only did she help me relax (a bit) and have fun, but she also helped me feel like I wasn’t completely absent in the Good Friend category.  Thanks so much, Stef!

AND…I’ve been a non-existent working-outer…which is a MUST as soon as I have time!!  All I want to do is run my tired legs off and do hours of yoga. 

Okay, I feel somewhat better, which is the reason I took this time to put a post together.  But the show– that is this weekend- must go on…and this girl needs to get ready to head down to Solider Field and promote at the Bears Game.  Oh, and feed Phoebe before I catch the bus!  Seriously, is this weekend over yet?

Anyways, before I head out to get ready, let me say a huge THANK YOU to you for letting me take this time to allow myself to write (my therapy) and breathe.  And to my friends, some whom read this little blog of mine, I promise you I’m fine.  Exhausted?  Yes.  But fine.  I’m very much looking forward to walking through my apartment door tonight, ignoring the dirty pile of laundry in the entry way, and curling up in OU blanket and responding to some messages and emails.  And maybe, if I’m not too tired, beginning to fill out some of those grad school and Child Life internships applications.


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