hello, stranger.

Having a few hours to myself this morning before another volunteer shift (no complaints), I am watching Closer.  I haven’t seen this movie in a few years, and while it may or may not be a critics’ choice- even amidst the star-studded cast- I fancy it.  Even though I’m half-watching it as I work- yes, work- I am seeing it in a whole new light this time around.  Every line is a quote I find myself loving (and wanting to share on here).  Every relationship portrayed allows me to see the internal struggles that one faces when it comes to love- both for another and for self.

“You could have chosen anyone.  Why me?”

We all enter one another’s lives as strangers…even our family- but I won’t get all into that now.  But think about it, your best friend was once a stranger.  The love of your life was once a stranger.  And the next stranger you see, may end up changing your life forever.  You never know. 

What is our infatuation with strangers?  I mean we’ve all found ourselves crushing on stranger from one of our college clases or fantasizing about the stranger that you saw across the bar last Saturday night.  So what is it about these mysterious people who cross our path?  Can it be love (at first sight) or just merely lust?

So, in saying that, does the infatuation wear off when/if you get to know this stranger?  Does the lack of mystery cause you to lose interest, as you discover that he/she is human just like you?  OR, do you find yourself more intrigued by the stranger as you get to know him/her? 

(And like every other day this long weekend, the time came when I had to go & be doing something else.  So the rest of this is written around midnight, when things finally stopped- for a few hours- and I laid comfortably complete with OU sweatpants underneath my OU sweatshirt blanket.  Perfection, indeed.  If only it was like this early today.)

Stef and I had a movie date tonight to see Love and Other Drugs with Anne Hathaway (as Maggie) and Jake Gyllenhaal (as Jamie).  I did like it, but the verdict is still out as to what I really thought about it.  I’m sure that has to do with the exhaustion that my mind and body are feeling right now, but in essence it was certainly an ’emotional roller coaster’ about many topics that appealed to me personally. 

 “You meet a thousand people, then you meet that one person and your life is changed…forever”.

Thousands of people have come into my life these past 27 years, but only a fraction have made a life-changing impact on me.  Now instead of listing names and for instances here, I’ll raise these two questions: Why do certain people have such a profound impact on our life?  Do we (always) know who these people are going to be right away?

Now I’m not going to get all preachy about fate here, especially since, quite frankly, I’m not quite sure (exactly) what my thoughts on fate are.  However, I do believe that people (who were once strangers) are meant to come into our lives- sometimes when we need them AND/OR they need us.  We tend to forget about that latter part sometimes, and I’m just as guilty.  Perhaps that stranger that you strike up a conversation with at the coffee shop needed something from you, allowing you to have an impact on his/her life.

Afterall, as the movie exhibits, we all need someone else.  Sometimes you need them more than they need you, or they may need you more than you need them.  Whatever the case may be, it’s okay to be needed and to need someone too.  The latter is something that I’ve always personally struggled with but thanks to many extraordinary people (who were once strangers) in my life, I’ve gotten much better at accepting this fact of life.

Each and every day, we have the opportunity to have our life forever-changed by a stranger.  Have you ever thought of this idea?  For me, I come across hundreds of people each day- on the train, on the bus, and merely walking around my neighborhood.  This weekend I was granted the chance to see/meet several hundreds of people through my volunteering.  Some of these strangers may be future friends and/or colleagues of mine, and may/possibly/(probably unlikely) the love of my life.  (You never know.)

Realizing that my exhaustion is only increasing, I’m going to wrap this up by saying: Always say hello to those strangers that may stand out amongst the other thousands that you’ve come across in life.  You never know what role they’re meant to play in your life, so start with a simple “Hello” and see where it goes.

Song of the Moment: The Blower’s Daughter by Damien Rice- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0KaxoRXmdSY


5 thoughts on “hello, stranger.

  1. To me, i really think that “life is meant to change” whether you want it or not, it means: Even if u miss the stranger who could change your life forever ( Although u won’t know who is that person until they’ve gone), another one will come and finish the life-changing process.
    I believe that “Fate” and “Self-consciousness” play a decisive role in choosing what to be happened, and if your destiny is to have a new life and you want to have a new one too, you will meet the right condition to do it.
    The main point here is I don’t think “strangers” are the main reason of changing someone’s life.In fact, I want to say that “Strangers”- at least to me – are just something like the “catalyst” to be chosen, and the real factor is in your hand, when yourself tell you that you need a change, “Fate” will send you- or you will find yourself – a stranger to complete it.

    P/S: please give feedback to my English if you see anything wrong. I’ll visit your site daily.

  2. Perfectly put- strangers/ others are the catalyst to change. It is always our personal choice to decide what to do with this new life situation or relationship

  3. My brother actually has a part in “Love & Other Drugs.” I really, really want to see this movie! (not just because my brother’s in it, but because it just looks like a great movie!)

    1. Your brother was in the movie! It was filmed in Pgh, right?

      It was good. Not the best, but good. I was full of emotions while watching it, some emotions that I didn’t even recognize. I wish I could see it with you! Still no chance of you being in Pgh over Christmas?

      1. Yes, the movie was filmed in Pittsburgh! Parts were filmed at the airport and parts were filmed at a shopping center about 1 mile from my brother’s house in Pittsburgh. So crazy! I really want to go see the movie now!!!

        Unfortunately I’m going to Houston for Christmas to spend it with my brothers. 😦


        I started looking at flights to Chicago for the Spring (April?!?!) and wanted to find out what weekends/dates would be good for you!


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