i had the time of my life and i’ve never felt this way before. and i swear this is true, and i owe it all to you. (part one)

A.MAY.ZING.  That is the only way to describe this past weekend’s road trip back to Columbus, OH.  Exhausted, I’m sitting here debating whether to let my tired mind ramble on and on about the festivities or simply write: This weekend was, by far, (one of) the best weekend I’ve ever had in Columbus.  Let me reinstate that I lived in the city for over a year and there have definitely been some memorable moments in Buckeye Country since first visiting 7 years ago.  Okay, that’s it.  Let me give you the details instead of just writing that it was A.MAY.ZING.  But it really was quite A.MAY.ZING….because of all the people I spent it with.  So, to each and every one of you- Stef, Jen, Kristin, Jim, Jay, Ashley, Nicky, Tony, Brandon, Ryan, Charlie, and many new friends, etc.- THANK YOU!

Where do I even begin?  The beginning, I guess, sounds like a good start.  So the beginning of our trip to Columbus would be when Stef and I ventured downtown to catch our 10 pm Megabus.  I could tell you about some of the shenanigans of our overnight bus trip, but instead I”ll leave it at- what happens on Megabus, stays on Megabus.  Well I’ll just say that if it wasn’t so cheap and convenient, then I’d probably have stopped riding it by now.  With a feel restless hours of ‘sleep’ under our belts, and a whole lot of thinking & stressing for me, we landed at the intersection of High St. and Nationwide Blvd. around 6:30 am and immediately made our way to the hotel (aka our home for the weekend).  Although excitement was seeping through our veins, we opted for a little napping before we caffeinated ourselves with Starbucks and fueling with lunch at North Market

After crepes in Goodale Park (my backyard when living in my first C-bus apartment), Jen picked us up and carted our carless butts to (drumroll please) Easton!!!  I was (so happy that I had the chance to introduce Stef to Easton- my retail sanctuary for therapy.  We stopped at all the basics- H&M, Forever XXI, Buckeye Corner– and ironically and completely unexpected, ran into a former Hampton classmate of ours.  It’s a small world.  After buying new shoes (and a hat for me), we settled for some (more) caffeine and snacks at ‘bucks and sat outside to enjoy the rest of the cool fall afternoon. 

You know, for me, that was one of the most memorable moments of the weekend- and just only because I was sober.  Sitting there, enjoying the breeze, Stef’s company, and being back in Columbus was one of those rare moments were I didn’t want to be anywhere else.  Telling Stef more about Columbus and engaging in soul-searching & eye-opening conversations like we always do, I found myself back in love with the city- believing that I could actually see myself back there again.  Maybe?

Jen picked up her carpool (us) again and we headed back downtown for an evening out in my old stomping grounds.  Stef’s friend, Lindsey, and her brother, Mike, drove down from Cleveland and joined us for dinner.  Soon I was graced by the presence of my partner-in-crime, Kristin, and the rest of the weekend is a blur.  Thanks Kristin!  (I actually mean that!)

Heading to the Arena District, we began our adventures by meeting Jen’s friend, Kelly, at O’Shaughnessey’s– one of my favorite bars and full of memories (mainly with Sarah).  After a(nother) glass of wine, we found ourselves walking into the new bar (to me at least), Park Street Cantina.  You most certainly do not feel like you’re in Columbus, OH when you are inside that bar. 

If those Cantina walls could talk, they would tell you that this little blogger of yours turned into a little (old?) cougar- right in the middle of the crowded bar.  How it happened is all a blur, but it most certainly happened.  Before I say more, I have to once again come clean with my addiction: I love Ohio boys.  I really do.  And, for some reason, they love me.  I promise you, I will end up with a Ohio boy and/or Buckeyes fan.

With a third glass of wine in me, the details of the evening all blend together in my mind today- three days later- but I will admit that there were definitely boys that crossed my path.  Now perhaps using the term “boys”, instead of “guys” or “men”, is appropriate.  Yes, they were “boys”.  I did not come across a boy- other than the ones I was with- that was over the age of 25-years old.  Oops!  In my defense, I am commonly mistaken for an early-twentysomething (if not a teenager).  But still, it’s not like my 3 glasses of Merlot were the Fountain of Youth.  I’m telling you, something happens to me when I cross the border into Ohio.  I’m like a movie star or something.  Or maybe, it’s because I’m exuding happiness and confidence in my Happy Place.  Seriously, I’m not sure if I get it either, but I love it!

So yeah, “boys”.  A few of them.  There was one from Turkey….as in Istanbul, Turkey….who I believe was 24-years old.  We had an interesting conversation on the dance floor, but after having a flash (literally) that he resembled a certain guy (ck), I decided that I had to say my goodbyes.  (I think I gave him my phone number thought. Idk.)  Before I knew it I was engaged in a conversation with a 21-year old, but dismissed myself quite quickly to rejoin my girls.  After they abandoned me- Jen & Kelly for guys and Kristin for the bathroom- I found myself in the presence of Austin, someone who definitely showed that he can shoot-the-shit with me and put me in my place with equivalent sarcasm and humor.  I have to say that I enjoyed talking to him, and of course, Kristin thought that he could be the love of my life that leads me to moving back to Columbus.

Did I tell you about that?  I probably should as this knowledge will come in handy for Part Two of this weekend’s story.

Because I love her dearly, I granted Kristin the chance of a lifetime: To play wingwoman for me over the weekend.  The hope was that I’d meet the love of my life (this weekend) and move back to Columbus to live happily ever after- with her (Kristin) at least.  So, that being said, Friday began the hunt as we scouted out boys- beginning at O’Shaughnessey’s and continuing at Cantina.  I’m not sure if the love of my life was found in the Arena District that night, but Kristin did keep Austin at the top of her list…at least until Saturday night.  (More later.)

That’s really the most of Saturday night.  It was a late night.  A long day.  But it was wonderful!  The perfect beginning to an A.MAY.ZING. weekend back in Columbus, and you know what, it only got better from here-on-out.


2 thoughts on “i had the time of my life and i’ve never felt this way before. and i swear this is true, and i owe it all to you. (part one)

  1. I definitely think that it’s your happiness and confidence that attracts these youngins when you’re in your Ohio happy place. And you’re not that old, so you’re not technically a cougar-yet.

  2. Feeling home–feeling where you belong is definitely an attractive trait in a person. I love that feeling, and I do really believe it attracts more people to you

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