we’re free as we’ll ever be. just as free, free as we’ll ever be. we’ll drive until the city lights dissolve into a country sky.

There’s just something about country music.  It’s calming, soothing, and freeing.  Every song tells a story that you find comforting as you connect your own life stories to the music.  All the love songs, the broken-heart songs, the songs about loving life and songs about remembering those who are no longer a part of your life.  Each and every song elicits a memory or an idea…and that’s why I love country music.

I watched the CMAs last night and each performance drew stories from my mind.  And yes, like always, I teared up watching Carrie Underwood’s performance of Mama’s Song. (How gorgeous was she in that purple dress!)  I won’t bother you with each thought that has passed through my mind these last 13 hours, but mayend up indulging you with my country song-like stories.  We’ll just have to see where this post takes me.

The lyrics of Brad Paisley’s song, This Is Country Music, highlights the beauty of country music and the stories that the songs tell.  There are no boundaries nor limits to the themes that country music takes on.  Not every song is about love, heartbreak, or love & heartbreak.  I think that’s why country music is so relatable for many like myself.  The songs aren’t always black and white.  Sure there are the songs that seem transparent at first, but like all forms of art we are given the right of interpretation.  Our background, our experiences, and our stories make the music appealing to us.  

At first recogition of Miranda Lambert sings,  “Thought maybe I could find myself, if I could just come in I swear I’ll leave, won’t take nothin but a memory, from the house that built me”, we, too, are daydreaming about our hometowns and childhood memories. Taylor Swift cries, “why can’t you see, you belong with me”, we immediately sing too with thoughts our crushes dancing in our heads.  As soon as Lady Antebellum wails out, “It’s a quarter-after-one, I’m all alone and I need you now”, we hesistantly remember those darker days of a broken heart (and maybe drunk dialing).  And when Kenny Chesney cranks out, “It’s five o’clock somewhere”, we find ourselves stirring with memories of past happy hours and good friends.

Coutry music has gotten me through some rough days, but it has also helped me enjoy some good ones too.  It is the best companion on a roadtrip- or a long bus ride- and it’s definitely enhanced a few of my workouts over the years.  Within seconds of a song, I am able to get lost in the music- actually, mostly I get lost in the lyrics.  Some times I find it therapeutic to work out my own stories and other times I just listen carefreely to block everything else out.

This weekend is about both.  Mainly it’s about me living freely, not thinking, and just enjoying another weekend back in O-H-I-O with my friends and brother.  Escaping the lights and chaos of the big city and taking in the crisp fall country air.  Leaving any worries behind and embracing the Buckeye fever of nice ole Columbus.  So let’s say good night, Chicago…good morning, Columbus.

“If we leave tonight and drive fast enough, all of our troubles will be just like us, long gone. Let’s get out of this town tonight, nothing but dust in the shadows.”

Song of the Moment: Free by Zac Brown Band and Hello World by Lady Antebellum


One thought on “we’re free as we’ll ever be. just as free, free as we’ll ever be. we’ll drive until the city lights dissolve into a country sky.

  1. I would def. have to agree-Country music really knows how to take your heart and twist it up to pull out exactly what you wish to say. Sad I missed the CMA’s but happy to hear Carrie looked wonderful as always. She’s my favorite.

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