fml: like carrie bradshaw, i cannot be without a laptop either

After all, computers crash, people die, relationships fall apart. The best we can do is breath and reboot. ~Carrie Bradshaw

Do you remember the Sex and the City episode where Carrie’s computer “Sad Mac-ed”?  The one where the ever-lovely, perfect boyfriend, Aidan, bought her a new one?  Well kids, that was me today… minus the Mac, the overalls (why was she wearing those?), and the irresistable Aidan buying me a new laptop.

After a few bumps and bruises on my first real “Big Girl” purchase, 2-year old laptop from last week in Cinci with some of my Ohio loves, I came home to discover that my computer screen frame was falling off AND it wouldn’t turn on.  Tired, yet optimistic, I reasoned that it was probably the battery and therefore I’d sleep on it and take it into Geek Squad in the morning.  

With my sad eyes focused on my dead laptop (RIP) I bluntly stated to my Geek Squad ‘friends’, “This laptop actually looks how I feel right now.”  Let me point out that it had an Ohio University decal (aka band-aid) so yes, it was definitely a perfect representation of me.

So yes, like Carrie Bradshaw I, myself, cannot live without a laptop and therefore my Best Buy card was maxed out today to purchase my new laptop.  Another day, another bill.

I’m not a gold digger nor could I ever be, but this is another reason why I ration that it’s time for me to meet my Aidan.  Whoever you are, I promise you that I will not be like Carrie and appreciate the perfect man that you are.  I promise.


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