unsent love letter mix tape: track 6

The post I wrote on Sunday, October 10th will explain the ideas behind the Unsent Love Letter Mix Tape series, and if it still doesn’t make sense to you, well then, at least it makes sense to me.  The writer.  The blogger.  The girl behind the computer.  Call me what you will but these are my letters.  Love Letters.  Some will be traditional love letters and some will be love letters of another sort.  These are my love letters to those that I love…or once loved…or will one day love.  Let me point out that my plan is not to send these letters, but to write them as though I was sending them. 

Track 6 is written to Chicago.  I’m not sure if I’ve ever written a love letter to Chicago nor if I ever will again, but I feel the need to express my love for this city after the fantastic 24-hours I had.  Yes, I was drunk for most of them and have my friends to thank as well, but Chicago did serve a role in bringing uch pleasure to me and therefore, it deserves to be a part of the Unsent Love letter Mix Tape series.  PS. No, I did not meet a boy this weekend either.   






Dear Chicago,

Can I be honest with you?  I was really worried about this weekend.  After feeling down all week and weighed-down with emptiness from the “reason why I moved to Chicago in the first place”, I was dreading the possibility of feeling sad all weekend long, especially with thoughts of Athens running around in my head.  I was in need of some quality girl time, but with Stef out-of-town I wasn’t sure what other options I had. 

Fortunately, life brought a little sunshine my way- literally too because the weather was wonderful- and I spent a large chunk of my weekend with Sarah and a bunch of other friends.  So I guess in a way, Chicago, I’m thanking you for bringing Sarah and the others into my weekend & into my life.  It really helps me like you a bit more.

Sincerely yours,


Song of the Moment: Little Miss by Sugarland

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