unsent love letter mix tape: track 5

The post I wrote on Sunday, October 10th will explain the ideas behind the Unsent Love Letter Mix Tape series, and if it still doesn’t make sense to you, well then, at least it makes sense to me.  The writer.  The blogger.  The girl behind the computer.  Call me what you will but these are my letters.  Love Letters.  Some will be traditional love letters and some will be love letters of another sort.  These are my love letters to those that I love…or once loved…or will one day love.  Let me point out that my plan is not to send these letters, but to write them as though I was sending them. 

Track  5 is written to Athens, Ohio: Home of Ohio University.  I’ll let the letter speak for itself but to put it simply, for weeks now I’ve wanted to scream “Athens, I miss you!” from the top of my apartment building here in Chicago.  I love that small college town in the middle of nowhere and it will always be home to me.  This weekend is OU’s Homecoming and unfortunately I am not there to partake in the debauchery and reminisce about the good times in Athens.  But like always, Athens and my college friends are never far from my mind.




Dear Athens,

It’s days like today that I find it impossible not too miss you.  Knowing that I could be in your presence today is what breaks my heart.  I’m trying to concentrate on other things, making plans to keep myself busy, but I keep coming back to you and the slew of beautiful memories that we made together.  Do you ever miss me too?  I have to ask because I miss you so much and think about you often.  In fact, I’ll admit that some days I cannot think of anything but you.  Nor can I think of anyone else but the people who surface in those memories of ours.  We  really had a good run there, didn’t we?

I was forced to leave you over 4 years ago, and while I’ve been back to visit for an occasion weekend I hate to say that it’s just never the same between us.  I always leave you not knowing when the next rendezvous will be, wishing that I could stay.  When I get back to wherever I came from, Chicago these days, I find myself missing you even more.

I’ve tried to replace you with new cities, but none of them compare to you.  You are truly one of a kind, the one that will always hold my heart.  While we’ll always be friends, I hate knowing that we’ll never be anything more ever again.  Distance will always keep us apart.  Why does it have to be that way?  Why can’t we just be together? 

Whatever the future holds, wherever I go, whomever I meet, just know that you’ll always be my first love- and maybe my only true love.  Athens, you were the best thing that ever happened to me and I will never forget you.

Love always,



Song of the Moment: I Just Don’t Think I’ll Ever Get Over You by Colin Hay

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