unsent love letter mix tape: track 4

The post I wrote on Sunday, October 10th will explain the ideas behind the Unsent Love Letter Mix Tape series, and if it still doesn’t make sense to you, well then, at least it makes sense to me.  The writer.  The blogger.  The girl behind the computer.  Call me what you will but these are my letters.  Love Letters.  Some will be traditional love letters and some will be love letters of another sort.  These are my love letters to those that I love…or once loved…or will one day love.  Let me point out that my plan is not to send these letters, but to write them as though I was sending them. 

Track 4 is written to my dear little sister/Pen Pal/forever friend, Alisha.  Every day I feel more blessed to have her in my life, and today her kindness, sincerity, and, perhaps even, concern really meant the world to me.  It’s those simple things that friends do that make you feel like the luckiest girl in the world to have their love and support.



Dear Alisha,

You know I adore you.  I really do.  You are truly the (little) sister I never had but always, always wanted.  You, beautiful lady, are family to me and always will be.  I just needed to say that first.

Even though I told you immediately upon replying to your last correspondence, I felt obliged to write this letter to let you know, once again, how appreciative I am for your inquiry and, perhaps we can call it, concern.  Just knowing that (1) you read in between the lines and (2) care about me enough to check in on me with your concern, leaves me feeling truly blessed by having your thoughtful, kindness, and beauty in my life.  I’m really lucky.

I know our friendship is more like  sisterhood, and therefore, we truly do speak our own language of no judgements and complete understanding.  The issue you brought up in your message is something that comforts me because it shows me just how loyal and supportive you are.  You understand me.  Even the things I don’t say, you know.  Your message told me that through the questions you posed.  

I have many A.MAY.ZING. friends.- you being one of them.  While I talk to them about a lot, this one particular topic (that you brought up) is one that I really don’t talk much about.  There are only a few people who know about ‘it’, and even the ones that do, well they don’t know that much.  Only a few know my feelings, and I’m not quite sure if one person knows every thing.  This is the biggest secret I keep; the biggest scar I have.  And while I try my best to keep it hidden, you know it’s there.  That is something that used to scare me because I saw it as a huge flaw of mine, but instead it’s me.  The real me.  And it helps to know that you know me well enough to acknowledge that it’s there, providing me with comforting to know that it’s okay. 

To answer your question in the most honest way I can…‘it’ is always on my mind, always in my heart.  Being able to admit that to you helps me so much, and I hope that I can return the favor to you if/when you need to open up and be honest with someone about your feelings.

Love you, Sis.


Song of the Moment: You Get Me by Michelle Branch


2 thoughts on “unsent love letter mix tape: track 4

  1. K, you’re simply amazing. This means so much to me; thank you.

    Seriously though, I am always here for you, so never be afraid to bring things up. I can guarantee you that I will either (a) completely understand and relate or (b) have an open ear ready and willing to listen.

    Sisters are always there; whether you want them to be or not! 🙂

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