the one good thing about not seeing you is that i can write you letters.

On my way to Cleveland on Friday night, via Megabus indeed, I watched Letters to Juliet.  Somehow that was only the second time I saw it, and to be honest, I was very hesitant to watch it again on the bus.  Why?  Well Friday night wasn’t my best day, as I was easily set-off by the college girl energy (ie. annoying, valley girl yip-yap and “Like ohmygod”s) that boarded and rode with me the entire 8 plus hours.  (Yes, we were late arriving in the Cleve).

Anyways… Letters to Juliet…hesistant…oh yeah!  I don’t know.  I guess I just wasn’t in the mood to watching the predictable boy meets girl-boy loses girl- boy gets girl back/ love conquers all babble while on a noisy, crowded bus after a long week.  Plus, I was still feeling down- like I had all week- even amidst my excitement for friend therapy time in Ohio.  (Sidenote: It was truly wonderful, but way too short.)

After many failed attempts to fall asleep, I got the DVD player on my laptop working and hit Play for the romantic comedy music to start filling my eyes and/or tuning out the “like”s and “ohmygod”s.  Thank God!  Much to my surprise, I was captivated and fully enjoyed watching the movie for the second time.  It’s not horrible, though it is predictable; however, what romantic comedy isn’t these days?  Still the message and plotline is one that resonates with me, and may even be deemed “inspirational”. 

As I ride the bus back from Cleveland to Chicago this evening, I decided to pass-up writing a thought-provoking post about my weekend and/or my never-ending soul-searching journey and instead share a few last thoughts with you.  The first, which initially inspired me to write this particular post, is the letter from Letters to Juliet that Sophie wrote to Claire- in response to her Juliet letter from 50 years earlier.  Here is the letter.  Maybe it will inspire you too…

Being that it was around midnight and 7 hours into a long, crammed bus ride, my mind was anxiety-ridden and ever-so-wearing.  Therefore, I do what I do best…I daydream.  Soon I found myself with this thought: I’m going to write more letters.  (I’m not saying much more.) And, I’m going to dedicate more time doing so on my blog.  Actually, two people probably deserve some credit for this decision and the first is Adriana.  Weeks ago, in a (nother) “how do I really get over him?” moment, Adriana advised me to write him a letter.  One that I would have the intention to send him, but I didn’t have to send it.  Make sense?  So I will.  I may post it on here.  I may not.  We’ll see.  But I will write it.

Then today, a few hours ago as I boarded the bus, I ran across this new post from the remarkable Hannah Katy.  If you haven’t discovered her blog, As Simple As That, yet then I hope you do so today…starting with this post: Sara Bareillis would not write you a love song but I want to write you a love letter…Seriously.

Let’s call this post, acknowledging Hannah as Inspiration #2.  Thanks Hannah! I love your idea and know that you will continue to inspire people with your writing and creative thoughts.

So here I am, on the Megabus, stopped somewhere in Toledo, OH, promising to write more letters.  What they will look like…where they will be…and/or to whom they will be addressed…all unanswered questions at this time.  Only time will tell, but I promise to have the courage to follow my heart and capture my feelings with words.

Yours sincerely,



12 thoughts on “the one good thing about not seeing you is that i can write you letters.

  1. What a great post following Hannah’s. And I am glad to see the use of the Letter from Letters of Juliet. Isn’t it a fantastic letter? There are so many reasons I believe letters are important. One–they take a lot of time to write. It is easy, with our technology, to simple shorthand a note, have our address book automatically fill in the email address and simply press send. Then BOOM within five seconds, the message, the note, is now in someone else’s inbox ready to be…read. It may make people wonder why anyone pays 44 cents to send something that will take at least 24 hours to reach it’s destination–when we’ve probably already gotten some part of the message across via Twitter, Facebook, Email, AIM, or Blog. But the 44 cents IS worth it. Writing letters has always been worth it, because it takes time to do it. When opening the mailbox and seeing my name on a letter, I almost screech with excitement. MAIL–PHYSICAL mail is so joyful to hold. You can’t HOLD an email. Letters resonate, and you can go back to them. You can store them in your own homemade boxes, you can hang them on your wall and memorize that person’s hand writing, and you can just physically enjoy that letter, knowing that whoever sent it to you took the time to place a stamp, write an address, and lick it shut. Letters are amazing. Your post is wonderful

    1. Thanks, Libs! I really appreciate you response and such kind words. I agree a 100% about letters. I love receiving them, but more so I love sending them- as I sit with 20plus cards in front of me right now to send to my girlfriends for Sweetest Day. I actually have a Pen Pal (Alisha) and pass along a Pen Pal Book back-and-forth. It’s truly wonderful and I highly recommend it.

      Thanks again!

    1. Hannah, I meant every word. Thanks for adding more fuel to my fire and letting this be the focus of my writing for awhile. Keep doing what you do, lady, because it’s remarkably inspiring!

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