don’t let regret take place of the dreams you have to chase. you may fall down on your face…roll the dice and have some faith.

Life can only be understood backward, but it must be lived forwards. ~Soren Kierkegaard

The quote above may be my very favorite quote ever and the most truthful one too.  Sometimes life isn’t fair.  It doesn’t always make sense.  I can attest to this with numerous stories filled with frustrations and unanswered questions… and I know I’m not the only one.  But I can also speak about my many Aha! moments when (Click) the past makes sense because otherwise I wouldn’t be where I am today.

I’ve talked a lot about regret in this blog, and in my life, quite frankly because my past contains a lot of regrets.  But my regret-filled past provided me with many learned lessons, and therefore, I strive to live a life without regrets.  What about you?  Do you play second fiddle to your regrets and let them control your own life?  Do you lie in bed at night wishing you had done things differently?  Do you wake up every morning with weighted-down shoulders wondering what if?  I have been there and that, my friends, is why I refuse to let regret hold me back anymore!

Yesterday I wrote a sincere post about how my volunteer work for the Make-A-Wish Foundation has truly made a difference in my life.  If you haven’t read it yet, I ask that you please do: Wishes Really Do Come True.  Read this post with an open mind and open heart, and my hope is that my words and these stories will inspire you to become a volunteer yourself. 

Now if you did read the post, this next part will make much more sense to you.  In it I mentioned how my experience with the Foundation, and more specifically my work with the Wish Kids and their families, has changed my life and inspired me in so many ways.  Let me explain…Life is short.  We’re told this all of the time, but sometimes we don’t believe it until tragedy, illness, and/or death are present in our world.  Yes, these kids & families are put into situations that are down-right horrible, and I would change places with them in a heartbeat if it mean saving them from all the pain and hardship that they are faced with.  But these kids are so resilient.  They do not let their disease/illness become them.  They are kids.  They like to play.  They like to laugh.  They smile, they sing, they dance.  They do not let their circumstance(s) hold them back, and neither should we. 

Why wait until unfortunate events enter our lives to remind us how precious life is?  Why not start living regret-free right now?  Let these kids, let me, remind you to L.I.V.E. !

I know, more times than not, life doesn’t make sense.  But when disappointment sets in and reality bursts our dream bubbles, we are forced to pick up the pieces, put on a brave face, and face the world again.  Sure we’d rather lie around in sweatpants under mounds of blankets, safe from more hurt, after being denied our dream job, or swear off all boys as a result of a broken heart.  And when both happen, as they sometimes do, you want to give up altogether.  I know.  I’ve been there.  But I’ve also risen above it…and you will too.

Today I was reminded of a weak moment of mine about 1.5 months ago.  It was a day when (I believed) a dream of mine was crushed.  I cried.  I felt empty.  I felt worthless.  I thought what am I going to do now?  Well, that was almost two months ago and I’m living proof that you can overcome down very low moments in life.  Sure today I went back to that instance and still wondered why didn’t it work out for me.  But that’s life.  Sometimes we’ll never know why things don’t go as perfectly as we’d like them to.  However, I will always know that I at least tried.  I will never regret the chances I took- even if they didn’t work out the way I’d ultimately like them to. 

Now I know that when most people think of regret, they think of L.O.V.E.- or rather people that they once loved.  “The One” that got away… My soulmate…He/She was perfect for me.  I fall into this category too.  I mention this because I hope that you will eliminate future regret by taking chances.  Remember that you have absolutely nothing to lose and so much to gain.  Sitting back and daydreaming about the what ifs will haunt you for the rest of your life.  Trust me. 

 Song of the Moment: As She’s Walking Away by Zac Brown Band (feat. Alan Jackson)


One thought on “don’t let regret take place of the dreams you have to chase. you may fall down on your face…roll the dice and have some faith.

  1. Right before my mom died, we got into this huge fight. A fight that lasted for days and days, and when she died (which we never saw coming), I blamed myself for her death. Because fighting with her was the last thing I SHOULD have been doing. But because I didn’t know any better, I continued to be stubborn. I cried my eyes out at her funeral – for the obvious reasons, but also because I felt this huge regret laying upon my shoulders. Because I should have been a good daughter and just said “I’m sorry” instead of continuing the fight.

    I still hold some of that regret – and I always will, to an extent – but I’m working on forgiving myself for what happened.

    Even now, seven years after she’s passed, I still have moments of deep, painful sadness.

    Regret isn’t easy to work through. It’s something that heals over time – through acceptance and understanding.

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