when the elevator door opens, you never know who will be on the other side.

Grey’s Anatomy, and your damn elevators!  If you’re a Grey’s watcher then you know exactly what I’m talking about.  Unfortunately my elevator moment didn’t involve a hot make-out session with a hot doctor.  Instead, my elevator door opened and well…there he was.  (My “he” not McDreamy.)  When the elevator door opens, you cannot run & hide.  You must face what’s right ahead of you.  So I did.  But then again, it was just a dream and like all dreams I eventually woke up.

As my new friend & blog reader, Laura, asked me the other day in response to one of my posts: “Does that mean you’ll be moving on?”   My response, “I hope I can move on. I’m going to try my hardest this time, but you know how this story tends to go.”

Bonus: Meredith & Derek’s Elevator Proposal on Grey’s Anatomy & The Story of Meredith & Derek

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