an uncertain heart

If your heart was an empty canvass, what color would you paint it?

Right now I’m sitting here wondering what I would do.  If I was painting my heart this weekend then I would have chosen red, as I was happily enjoying the company of friends (old & new) and a fun-filled atmosphere.  There also may have been specks of green bobcat prints and black & gold highlights through the heart, but the base color was definitely a bright, shiny red. 

Today, only a mere two days later, I’m wondering how my blue paint escaped and spilled all over my solid red heart last night.  And there may even be some black-and-while (prison) stripes on there too.

Why does this always seem to happen?  How can I have an A.MAY.ZING. weekend, and then POOF!  It’s gone, sometimes even before I’ve had my morning coffee.

Maybe it’s not Chicago I have to be breaking up with, maybe once and for all it’s the J that brought me here in the first place.


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