if i follow my heart, where will it lead me?

It took me awhile to fall asleep last night, and as Darlene and I say, “Those damn squirrels and bats were running around in my head.”  So many things and nothing at all contributed to the many ideas that ran through my mind, keeping me from getting the much-needed rest for a back-to-work MOAN-Day. 

Somehow I fell asleep…and then woke up…fell asleep again…rinse, lather, repeat.  I woke up again and again last night, and each time I had the same squirrel in my head encouraging me to think: What am I really doing?  I woke up to my 5:30 am alarm and that thought was still there.  It walked with me to the train station and rode the train with me up to Skokie.  Come to think of it, it even accompanied me as I drank my Starbucks.  But it was during that cup of coffee that I realized that I may not know what I’m doing…but I know what I want to do. 

As I said in my last post, this weekend really made an impact on me and clarified a lot for me.  And thinking about Hazel & George only makes those feelings stronger.  Working with kids in the Child Life/hospital environment is what I want to do.  It what I truly believe I am meant to do.  So today I took a chance and followed my heart– in more ways than one.  Where it will take me, I haven’t a clue but I know that I’m better taking this chance than always wondering what if.   

I’m not a selfish person.  I couldn’t be if I tried.  But today I put myself first and thought about everything that is important to me.  What do I really want?  How do I want my life to unfold?  Who do I want to be?  WHO AM I?  Today I answered those four questions by taking a chance on something that wasn’t even a possibility in my tossing-and-turning sleepless hours. 

The beauty of life: You never know what tomorrow holds, and therefore, you must follow your ♥.  

Song of the Moment: Taking Chances by Glee Cast


2 thoughts on “if i follow my heart, where will it lead me?

  1. Oh, patience has always been my weak spot, just ask my parents. But its faith that is carrying me right now. That and the belief that my heart is my guide

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