A Birthday is the First Day of another 365 Day Journey Around the Sun: Enjoy the Trip!

On my twentieth birthday, which happened to be my first official day as an OU student, I woke up in room 232 of Dougan, opened the door, and found myself in a sea of streamers and balloons.  It was the last thing I ever expected, especially from people who I met only 1-2 days ago.  It was in that moment that I knew my birthday wish came true:  Good, Loyal, and Trustworthy Friends.

Luckily my wish came true and I got just what I wanted.  These girls in the photo: Danielle, Kat, Amanda, Ashley, and Rebecca were my Mod Mates in Dougan Hall and the first (of many) friends that I made at OU.  They were the ones that embarked on the Journey of My Twenties with me, and for that I’ll never forget them nor my 20th birthday.

You know what, that was the first birthday that I remember not wishing for a boyfriend or, at the very least, a new crush.  And you know what, it was also one of the last birthdays that I recall making a wish on at all.  (I did on my 22nd and it actually kinda-sorta came true, but that’s another story- literally.)

Anyways, today is my 27th birthday.  It’s almost over here in the Central Time Zone and I think it’s safe to say that today was a very good day.  On paper, it looks like just another work day in the life of a twentysomething (wake up- go to work- work out- veg before bedtime); however, for this birthday girl today was really special.  A day that I’ll always remember as one in which I’ve felt blessed to have such wonderful friends and family members in my life.  From simple “Happy Birthday” Facebook messages & emails; texts & phone calls; cards & gifts; birthday smoothies; spinning class companions; and supportive words from dear friends…this day was one I’ll never forget so THANK YOU to EVERYONE that made it such a memorable day for me.  Words cannot express how LOVED you’ve made me feel.

I may or may not have made a birthday wish today.  Okay I did, or perhaps it’s better to say that I was hopeful for a possible outcome today.  One that was crushed within hours of the beginning of my day.  And while the devastating news was painful, I know that I did everything I could to make it happen.  I guess it just wasn’t mean to be.  Life must have other plans in store for me.  

So today, I recall that wish I made 7 years ago on my 20th birthday in Dougan Hall.  See back then I didn’t properly acknowledge all of the details of that wish; however, today I know that there was much more to my wish for “Good, Loyal, and Trustworthy Friends”.  In part of that wish, I set out on a journey to find myself.  The good, loyal, and trustworthy friends that I wished for were requested to be support for me along my journey.  To guide me when I feel lost; to give me strength when I feel weak; to provide me comfort when I feel alone; and to love me when I fail to love myself. 

Seven years ago I found several of these good, loyal, and trustworthy friends, but in the last seven years I have been fortunate to find many more.  So today, as my 27th birthday officially ends and another 365-day journey begins/continues, I express my utmost gratitude for the people who have comforted me with their words, smiles, hugs, and love.  From the bottom of my weary yet loving heart, THANK YOU!

Life is a journey, folks.  A beautiful journey.  Never give up, and I won’t either. 


  The road of life twists and turns and no two directions are ever the same.

Yet our lessons come from the journey, not the destination.


Song of the Moment: The Sweet Forever by Glossary

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