hello september. it’s really good to see you again.

All the things I still remember, Summer’s never looked the same.

Years go by and time just seems to fly, but the memories remain.

God, I love September!  For me September has always marked a time for new beginnings.  Beginning at the age of four, September marked the beginning of a new school year.  At the age of (probably) seven, on top of a new school year, September brought about the beginning of Hampton Club Soccer season.  In 7th Grade, September was not only start of school and soccer, but it introduced Middle School Basketball into my afterschool schedule.  And then, as high school began, Hampton High School soccer and football games took precedence over my next four summers.

Okay, Kent State cheated and made me go back to school in (blah) August for freshman year of college, and so I left and went to OU the following year since they knew the school is meant to begin in the lovely month of September- after Labor Day.  Three beautiful Septembers in Athens, OH, with one that hosted my first few weeks of drunkeness after turning 21.  For me, that campus was best in September as students returned and new students began.

Then came the real world and soon September just became a lost month to me.  The first September was miserable as I found myself jobless in my childhood home.  The following next brought some new beginnings after a few weeks of adjusting to a new life in Columbus and the inevitable excitement of OSU Football.  (Go Bucks!)  However, the following September, decided to throw a curveball at me with bring an end and a very unexpected beginning: A new job, a new city, and a new life to begin…in Chicago.

Two Septembers ago my life changed, but I was too lost to see that the path again of me was the most rare, and delicate, new beginning of them all.  At first I saw it as an end; and end to everything I knew.  Everything I was.  But today, two Septembers later, I look back with gratitude.  Braver, stronger, and more fearless then I ever imagined being. 

So thank you, September, for 26 years of learning, growing, and many memories of new beginnings that I’ll always hold near and dear to my heart…and for many more to come.

Before I take my headcold-ridden body to bed, I have to share that September is a special month.  September is National Childhood Cancer Awareness Month.  Please take time this month- and hopefully after as well- to do your part in supporting the children and families that are affected by cancer and the organization, like Make-A-Wish Foundation and/or Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation. 

Children with cancer (and other illnesses), like Alex, are the most beautiful, courageous, and resilient people in this world.  They are also inspirations to us all!  Do me a favor.  A 3 minute-ish favor and watch Alex’s story about how the Foundation began.  And as Alex said, “When life hands you lemons, make lemonade!”  All proceeds go towards raising awareness about childhood cancer and research towards cures and treatment.

Make A Difference this September!


Songs of the Moment: September by Daughtry and Edge of the Ocean by Ivy


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