making a difference: five dollars

I’m going to keep this short since it’s my last night in Stone Harbor and I’m hoping for some good quality family cornhole on the beach after dinner.  (Fingers crossed.)  Anyways, if you read my post from this morning you know that today was definitely not my day.  Unfortunately the blahness stayed with me longer than I’d like it to, but I did find some ways to turn my funk upside-down…or something like that.  A long bike ride and a secret project for a friend took up the last two hours of my afternoon; however, it was what occurred right before those two that leads me to writing this post.

Five dollars.  Five simple dollars.  We all know ways in which we could spend five dollars, and sadly five dollars doesn’t go a long way in our society.  But it did today.  Walking back to the the house I passed a young boy sitting out in the by the sidewalk.  I noticed the pitcher of lemonade behind him but it wasn’t until I got closer that I saw what else he was selling. 

“Did you make these yourself?” I asked. 

Yes.  They are twenty-five cents each and twenty-five cents for the lemonade,” he responded.

“Okay.  Let me run back and get some money and I’ll be right back.”

After grabbing a five dollar bill, and nothing else, I went back to the boy.  I picked out three sea shells and handed him a five dollar bill.  “I don’t need any change,” instructing him to keep it all for himself.  He didn’t hear me, probably because he was worried about how to break my $5 bill, so I told him again.  “You can keep it all.  I don’t need any change.” 

He asked, “Are you sure?” in which I insisted.  “Yes.  You are a sweet boy.  Take care.” 

My hope is that this simple act of kindness will inspire you to do the same.  It inspired me.  In fact, on my bike ride, I decided that I’m going to do one good deed every day.  It doesn’t have to be a life-changing event, but maybe it will be.  A simple act of kindness can make a difference in at least two people’s lives: The one you performed the act for (1) and you (2). 

I am the kind of person that lives off the motto: Do Good. Feel Good.  Hopefully you are too, and together, I promise you, even on our blah days we are making a difference.


2 thoughts on “making a difference: five dollars

  1. Working in the nonprofit industry, I wish more people would be as generous as you, but I know it’s a recession and people just can’t justify sending donations or being generous right now. I’m so glad that you did this – I’m sure the boy thought your act of kindness was amazing!

    1. I wish people were more generous too, and not just when it comes to money. I feel as though my reward was priceless- tons more than $5.

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