four days and four nights with my parents

The kids arrived on Friday afternoon after a 9 hours drive from Pittsburgh and departed this morning for their dreaded return trip.  While I’m definitely craving some ‘me’ time and a strong desire to get myself back on schedule, I really am disappointed to see them go.  Not only did I enjoy their company, but I also enjoyed the blissful state that I’ve been in since their arrival.  Unfortunately that ended as soon as I stepped out of the apartment this morning for my inevitable trek to Skokie. 

I’m exhausted.  My parents wore me out!  I really don’t know how I made it through today, but I did.  That’s all that matters.  I should probably be in bed by now, but I owe it to my parents to write a little bit about our weekend. 

My plan for this weekend was to not make plans, and I have to say that was the best plan to have.  We did all of the things that we set out to do- minus seeing a play & taking my dad over to Wrigley- and so much more.  We never felt rushed nor overwhelmed which can easily occur during a weekend (especially in the summer) in Chicago.  But these two handled the Chicago heat & crowds as well as they could.  I was proud of them.

We started our Saturday morning with a boat tour along the river.  Even though it was 90 degrees, my parents really enjoyed seeing the city.  And lucky us, we were given the chance to see Transformers 3 being filmed, even witnessing an explosion scene during lunch.  It was pretty cool but could have been cooler if I would have seen Mr. Patrick Dempsey. 

We spent our evenings with some delicious dinners out- two at the deliciousness that is Wilde’s.  As I knew they would, my parents loved it.  It’s impossible not too.  Especially those sweet potato fries. 

We also headed out to visit our family friends, The O’Brien’s, in Naperville for dinner and drinks.  I’ll tell you what…I saw visions of my twentysomething year old party boy father.  Yes, he definitely had some fun in his younger days. 

After a late night in Naperville, we made the best decision of the weekend: To sleep in on Sunday.  As I posted, we ended up seeing Inception later that evening with a tired discussion about it on the bus ride home.   

Monday morning came and boy was this girl tired.  A 5 am wake-up call after a 1 am bedtime is not recommended.  Kids, don’t try this at home.  But a girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do.  After a few hours of working from Starbucks, leaving my parents on their own, I arrived back at the apartment (still tired and not nearly caffeinated enough) to journey downtown for a date with my mom at The Drake for Afternoon Tea.  My dad decided that it wasn’t his scene and opted out…after Mr. O’Brien mocked him on Saturday.  (Fact: Boys never grow up.)  Oh well, his loss.  We had a lovely time sipping our tea and enjoying the ambiance of the tea party.  Most importantly, my mom was in her glory and felt like the Queen she is for a few hours.  Girl time is always enjoyable and needed in the Medica Family!

We finished their visit with a dinner out at my dad’s favorite place, Mia Francesca, and we were so excited that Stef joined us!  It really was a great dinner and chat session on a gorgeous, breezy Chicago summer evening.  After taking in the scene from my rooftop patio, we ended our evening with wine and The Bachelorette.  No worries, I’m choosing not to comment on the show because quite frankly I really wasn’t that into it.  Although I loved watching it with my wine-drinking father and going back-and-forth with our commentary.  Like I said, it was the perfect evening to the end of our weekend.

Before ending this post I want to share this exchange between my dad and me while at one of our dinners out.  (Sunday night, perhaps?)  Oh well.  Here it is:

Dad: We just want our kids to be happy.  That’s all that matters to us.

Me: Trust me.  Your kids are trying. (Smile)


Mom & Dad, thank you for a wonderful weekend and for everything that you do!  Love you!!


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