and i will try to fix you.

Tonight’s post was inspired by a performance on So You Think You Can Dance by Robert & Allison, choreographed by the genius that is Travis Wall, to the song Fix You by Coldplay.    If you’ve ever had to take care of someone or someone had to take care of you, watch this performance.  If you’ve ever witnessed someone struggling or you’ve struggled yourself, watch this performance.  If you’re ever wanted to fix someone or wanted someone to fix you, then do me a favor and watch this performance.  Now don’t be afraid to imagine yourself in that performance in the role that you’ve played.  In fact, do put yourself and your respective loved one into that performance.  Let this performance tell your story.  Let it show your and your loved one’s pain, suffering, and perseverance. 

“I think that everyone wants to fix someone, don’t you think?”  That’s what the host, Cat Deeley, said following this performance.  Which makes me want to play Would You Rather. 

Would you ratherbe fixed by someone  OR be given the opportunity to fix someone else???

I don’t even need to think about this question much.  I’d rather fix someone else.  I’m no saint; no martyr.  I’m just someone who loves a lot of lovely people- friends, family members, mentors-and wouldn’t want anything but the best for each and every one of them.  If they’re sick, I’d want to heal them.  If they’re sad, I want to make them smile and laugh.  If they’re heart is broken, I want to repair it (with lots of chocolate, wine, and friend therapy).  The moral of the story: When my loved one is sad, I’m sad.  When they’re hurting, I’m hurting.  And when their heart shatters into a thousand pieces, mine does too.

I had my volunteer orientation for my new position with Children’s Memorial Hospital last night and all I can say is A.MAY.ZING.  While our meeting was mostly PowerPoint presentations, group discussions, patient videos, rules & regulations, I enjoyed every minute of it.  Honestly, I couldn’t stop smiling.  My new supervisor, Bo, addressed the question that everyone says to him as well, “How can you do this?  Isn’t it so sad?  I couldn’t do that.”  In agreeance with Bo, I sat there 100% confident that I can.  This is my calling.  This is what I want to be (when I grow up).  This is what I’m truly passionate about and what I’m meant to do.  And it feels so good to finally know what 1) what my dreams really are; and 2) that I’m pursuing them. 

Of course I want to fix each and every one of the children that I interact with at Children’s Memorial Hospital and Make-A-Wish.  I want to fix their siblings, their parents, their families, and their friends.  I want them to know that amidst the sadness and despair that they can smile and laugh and keep on living.  I want to give them the power and the belief that wishes come true and miracles do happen

When tears stream down your face…I will wipe them away.

I will fix you.


2 thoughts on “and i will try to fix you.

  1. i’m a fixer too. i have been all my life. but the end of my marriage has been a really grade-A lesson in how some things just can’t – and probably shouldn’t – be fixed. it’s been hugely, hugely helpful in getting me some perspective and some boundaries.

    not that i’ve given up wanting to fix things, of course. it’s just shown me when to say when.

    1. You brought up a great point of ‘fixing someone/something’. Part of it is knowing when things need fixed, and when they do not. All that matters is that you address the situation and trust your instricts/ follow your heart.

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