oh oh oh oh, oh oh oh oh oh…

Before ending this day, I have to quote my dear friend, Jen, who just claimed that this song was the theme of today.  If you’re not a fan of Glee (yet) then hopefully this song officially turns you into a Gleek like the rest of us.  All day long we have been singing this song, and even got my new little BFF, Maddie, to sing it. (More on her below.) 

Poker Face (Lady Gaga)- as performed on Glee by Rachel Berry and her mother

As I’ve been sharing, it’s been quite a relaxing and enjoyable weekend for me here at the MacPherson’s lakehouse in Michigan.  One of the reasons is that I made a new friend.  Everyone, meet the adorable Maddie.  In this photo she is posing with the tiny frog that we happened to catch at (her) Grandma’s pool today.  Maddie is Jen’s little cousin and she just happens to live in the suburbs of Chicago.  I willingly gave her mother my phone number and email address today in hopes of babysitting and/or hanging out with them whenever possible.  She is adorable, and her brother Connor is too!  I’ve had a great weekend here and honestly don’t want to leave.  

Yesterday, within 2 hours of meeting her, Maddie gave me a bracelet.  Has anyone else seen these yet?  So when you’re wearing it on your wrist it just looks like a regular, twisted rubber bracelet; however, when you shake it up it takes the shape of an animal, object, shape, etc.  Maddie went back and forth on which to give me (since she had duplicates) but the star ultimately won out.  I love it.  And I love this even more.  Today Maddie said to me, “I can’t believe the we became friends so quickly.” She’s 6-years old!  Just one of the simple, most precious moments in life that touches you forever.

Through playing with Maddie, Connor and the other boys, Ryan and Colin, I was reminded again and again how much I enjoy working with kids.  It’s my passion; my calling; my destiny.  It’s just so natural to me.

On that note let me share that the part-time weekend/night position at Children’s Memorial that I mentioned finding earlier today actually happen to close up (ie. not accept any more applications) by the time I went back to apply later this afternoon.  I was disappointed, but I took a chance by contacting the hospital to submit my applications anyways.  This is another one of the chances that I had to take.  I couldn’t let it go by without fighting for it. So please keep your (pingers/fingers crossed for me.  I trust that God will guide me along my path, but this position will help provide me with more experience/knowledge/networking opportunities- with regards to my Child Life certification- and it would certainly help financially right now as well.  (The latter reason is trumped by the other reasons, of course.)

Mrs. MacPherson and I were talking this morning and agreeing how we’re both givers.  (My mom is one too.)  None of us expect anything in return.  This is who we are.  It’s hard to explain to those who are not our kind, and sometimes it’s even difficult for us to understand it.  But like I said, we are who we are.  My point is that I really don’t ask for much nor do I expect much.  However, I sit here right now, once again, thinking about how important the Child Life program and the kids are to me.  I want this.  I really do. My friend Jacquie, who is a Child Life Specialist in Columbus, has been advising me on the steps to take and encouraging me not to give up.  This position at Children’s Memorial is a great stepping stone to help me along my way.  So again, pingers/fingers crossed.  (Thank you.)



2 thoughts on “oh oh oh oh, oh oh oh oh oh…

  1. K! I am OBSESSED with Glee! I haven’t missed an episode since it started (knock on wood) and I have major crushes on Finn and Arty 🙂

    You would know this by now if my forgetful tush would have gotten the darn pen pal book sent back to you. Seriously, when you get it, keep it for a while. I’ve had it for over a month! Ridiculous!

  2. Another reason why we’re meant to be sisters! We’ll have to have Glee phone dates next season.

    And as for the PP book, I know it’s in good hands and that’s all that matters. I’ll keep it through my trip to Athens (!) and then give it back to you if I see you.

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