morning coffee with the macs

Good morning, and good morning indeed.  I’m a little confused what time it is since half of the clocks/phones/laptops have Eastern Time (aka Ohio, Michigan or New York Time- as we’re calling it) and others have Central Time (aka Chicago or Indiana Time).  So yeah, this is why it’s best to just live carefree this entire weekend without even being bothered with what time it is.  Love it!

I woke up this morning and believe that I got a much-needed 10+ hours of sleep.  We got home last night from the New Buffalo Fair and I almost immediately conked out.  It was 9:30 pm (Chicago Time), and the exhausted girl who I was rationalized that it was too early to go to bed so I resurrected to watch the first episode of the new season of The Hills (which yes, was ridiculous.  There is no doubt in my mind that this show isn’t scripted, but did they seriously openly address Kristin’s crackhead lifestyle AND Heidi’s horrific desire to be Barbie.  This was definitely a discuss at breakfast this morning with the Macs.  Love them even more.)

Okay back to the lakehouse.  I had a great breakfast/coffee chat with the family this morning, in which Mrs. Mac and I discussed my current life in Chicago.  She said it best, “You’re a city girl, but maybe Chicago isn’t the right city for you.”  TA-DA!!  That’s it. 

You know I thought that yesterday after driving around on the golf cart with Jen, and realizing how much I miss doing this kind of stuff, and especially seeing nature.  Don’t get me wrong, Chicago has some beautiful parts to it, but it’s nothing like this- nor other places.  On top of this thought and others, Mrs. Mac’s analysis made it all crystal clear, once again.   Chicago is not the city for me.  Sure I love some components of the city and the lifestyle I lead…but not all of it.  Life is a journey and Chicago is just a stop on the way to my final destination- wherever that may be.

I could spend hours telling you about how A.MAY.ZING. the MacPherson Family is and how A.MAY.ZING. I feel right now.  However, as always, I am a busy girl right now.  Through a simple search for Child Life practicums on Children’s Memorial Hospital website, I found a weekend/nightime PT job that I’ve decided to apply for this morning.  Why not?

On that note, I’m going to sign off and finish applying for the job and head to the beach.  I just love saying that…(I’m heading) to the beach!  Cannot wait until August for a some real beach time.


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