good morning dc. good night pittsburgh.

What can I say about the past two days?  Exhausting, with many wonderful moments mixed it?  If you’ve been reading my blog and/or are one of my dear friends (that have been worrying about me lately), you know that I’ve been running myself down pretty low with constantly travel- for both work and pleasure (ie. wedding season). 

My colleagues and I landed in DC on Wednesday afternoon and within two hours I was exploring the city with Laura.  Shall I rewind?  So my friend, Laura (pictured here), just so happened to me in DC for a conference this week and fortunately we were able to discover that our travel schedules coincided perfectly.  Thank goodness she was there!  Laura and I have both been so busy lately that a very long hiberation was probably what the doctor ordered; however, we’re stubborn twenty-six year olds who refused to listen to anything sensible so off we were!

Instead of R&R, we ran around downtown DC…but first stopping to get some Starbucks magic.  It was funny because Laura said that she knew that even if I didn’t need one (Starbucks), that I would get another one with her anyways.  My friends know me so well.  I cannot tell if it’s a bad thing that I’m associated with Starbucks in their minds, amongst other noteworthy traits, or not.  I guess it could be a lot worse. 

So yeah, DC.  We made our way to the Metra, which is clean(er) and much easier to figure than other metropolitan cities (take notes, Chicago).  We filled up on a dinner of edamame, sushi, and cute little drinks (one with Bacardi 151 for the brave Laura).  I think I made a no 151 pact in the summer of 2005 after a very blurry night in Athens. 

After dinner Laura and I headed over to the Air and Space Museum for our own version of Night at the Museum- which we had private access through the conference she was in town for.  We felt like kids again!  It was so A.MAY.ZING. 

Next stop was the Natural History Museum before the clock struck 10:30 and our passes were no longer good.  We had a good time venturing around the exhibits, and Laura was patient with me as I tried to get a picture of her getting attacked by the T-Rex. 

 I also thought of my lovely friend, Alisha, during the African Safari exhibit.  These giraffe photos are for you, A.  Wish you were there!

After fun at the museums, Laura wanted to show me Chinatown and get some dessert.  It was already past my weekday bed time (sad, I know), but why not stay out and enjoy DC.  We found two cute places: one for delicious cupcakes (which I surprisingly ate) and another for frozen yogurt and smoothies.  (Green Tea smoothie is A.MAY.ZING.)  I”ll tag the places later.

We got back to the hotel and gave our gorgeous, stressed out bride friend a call.  And on that note, I need to shut down and head up to Akron to play Maid of Honor.

Have a great weekend!  Hopefully I’ll be back to regular posts on Sunday or Monday.  Til then, take care.




2 thoughts on “good morning dc. good night pittsburgh.

  1. OMG! GIRAFFEY’S 🙂 Hehe, thank you for thinking of me K! I wish I could have been there too. Enjoy the rest of your weekend in Ohi-yah! Can’t wait to hear about it!

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