thank you, skinny jeans

Unfortunately I don’t have time to write a full post this morning before I leave to catch my flight to DC, but I had to say something.  First, Jen, thank you for looking so HOTT in your skinny jeans that it inspired me to get my own.  Girls, go get you some!  You CAN pull them off.  I never thought I could, especially after trying a pair on a few months ago and striking out miserably.  But like anything in life, if you don’t succeed then try, try again. 

So I’m a little frantic this morning but things eventually came together.  After showering and making sure I had pants on, I ventured over for some Starbucks magic.  One of the coolest girls in the world, and someone that reminds me of my dear friend Adriana, Dale was working this morning.  We had a great talk about the crazies of Chicago- inspired by three different insane people that just so happened to all still be in ‘bucks at the time.  As I told Dale, when I walked past the one, I could literally sense her craziness.  That’s what my life has become here in Chicago.  It’s my sixth sense.  Lucky me. 

Dale informed me that five minutes ago, that women walked through the store mumbling some sort of shenanigans and then proceeded to the bathroom where she yelled for a few minutes.  And this is why I adore Dale and my other barista friends.  She said it so calmly, like it’s an everyday occurrence in her world.  Wait…oh yeah it is, and in my world too.  That’s why when people tell me how wonderful Chicago is, I take a deep breath and tell respond that there’s a difference between living here and visiting. 

Anyways, I’m running out of time so I just want to share that my new skinny jeans were truly heaven-sent this morning.  I’m so glad I did my hair and make-up and wasn’t still in my pjs because I ended up taking the elevator downstairs (which I never do) and riding it with my hot neighbor boy- who I haven’t seen in a long time.  We had some simple impromptu chit-chat, which was quite enjoyable.  He’s cute and seems like he may be a good guy too. 

A new crush?  Why not.  Actually I had an interesting life-changing (exaggeration) conversation last night with the dear Joe Zummo that even caught me off guard.  To back-up, Joe is friends with Casey but they haven’t kept in touch since college.  For some reason my zombie-like brain felt very comfortable opening up to Joe about my past crush- nothing TMI but still I said things that I only wish I said years ago.  You know what, I’ll share more later because it was a real eye-opener, ‘walls coming down’ moment for me.

So thank you, skinny jeans, for helping make this morning a little bit brighter.  And hopefully hot neighbor boy thanks you too. 

Have a good day, my blog world friends!


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