morning money woes

Warning: This post is going to be a whole lotta randomness.  Reasons: I’m tired and stressed and tired.  Since I’m now working from home on Fridays, I decided to escape my still-unorganized apartment and head to ‘bucks today.  BEST IDEA EVER.  It’s so nice to stare out a big window and see the sunshine.  And I love windy days and today is definitely windy.  Love, Love, Love.  It’s such a gorgeous even if I’m feel like a zombie.

Highlight of my Day (thus far): This older handicap man with a walker was heading towards the door to leave ‘bucks.  Having learned from experience that it’s best to ask handicap people (in this sort of situation) if they’d like your help, I asked.  He turned down my offer, insisting that he could handle it; however the do-gooder in me used an excuse to help him anyways.  Knowing me, I’d regret it all day if I didn’t. After telling him to enjoy the sunshine and have a good day, he said, “Aren’t you a purdy (aka ‘pretty’) little one.” Usually when handicap homeless men hit on me- and it happens more often then you’d think- I shrug it off.  But for some reason, I smiled and said Thank You…and some of my stress seemed to ease.  (Sometimes I think these are little messages from God…Morgan calls them God chills.)

So it’s now almost noon CT (Really?) and my eyes are finally open(ing).  I slept through my alarm and woke up around 6:20 am panicked that I was supposed to leave for work in 10 minutes…then I remember that it is Fri-YAY!!  (Shout-out to Darlene.)  I attempted to do my Yoga DVD, but during fifth plank I discovered that I didn’t have ‘it’ today.  So I showered and came up with my wonderful idea of working from my beloved Starbucks.

Getting to ‘bucks and ordering (only) a Tall Soy AmeriMisto, I discovered that I’m broke.  Literally.  All of these weddings, Bachelorette Parties, traveling, gift-giving has me maxing my credit cards.  I was forced to call my mom and have her deposit money into my account so my rent check didn’t bounce (and it still may) and (fingers crossed) have my loans on forbearance.  It’s my own fault though and I truly saw this coming.  It’s my wake-up call.

Thankfully Adriana was able to calm my anxieties down a bit, but I’m still just in a daze trying to understand how I let things get to this point.  Now I just have to get through the next 2-2.5 weeks before my next paycheck.  (It better be the 3 weeks one this time, if not 4 weeks.  I’m not a fan of our payment process.)

Lessons learned.  Tomorrow is a new day.


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