put a ring on it

“Kristen, you’d make a fun wife.”   This is what my colleague, Marley, said to me yesterday completely out of the blue.  I believe that Selena and I were talking about boys and getting older (she’s turning 29 next week) and Marley overheard us.  I still don’t know what prompted her to say that, but I’ll take the compliment.  So thanks Marley, for increasing my relationship/wedding fever.  Not what I need to be thinking about right now as these weddings actually (finally) start taking place.

Beyonce’s Single Ladies is dedicated to….my friend Mike.  Who just commented on this quote that I posted as my Facebook status, because I am still entertained by it.  Mike’s post was “I believe she stole that quote from me during my junior year at OU. ”  So I can just get married and be a wife(y) to a gay man, right?  Isn’t that how it’s done?  As I said to Mike in my reply, put a ring on it.  Afterall we’re not getting any younger or better looking.  Although I have to say that I definitely feel a lot more comfortable in my skin now than since my teens began.  So maybe like  a fine wine, I get better with age.

In thinking about weddings and being a wife, I find this song much more my (current) style.

Wedding Day- Rosie Thomas and Lyrics

Listening to this song makes me want to put on a cute summer outfit- complete with sandals and sunglasses- and go on a roadtrip with any/all of my friends with a great soundtrack of mix cds/Itunes playlist.  Can we make that happen?  If only…

And although this is a daydream of mine, it reminds me why I love being a single lady.  Although it would be nice to have a boy along for the ride too…but he best be cool with my friends.  Another daydream, but maybe one day a reality.  Boys. Boys. Boys.  Unfortunately its you cannot have wedding/relationship/(baby) fever without them. 



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