top of the mornin’ to you

I’m so happy I finally got a full night’s rest last night, but I’m still pretty beat up.  And with the rain this weekend, especially on Saturday night, I definitely have the rumblings of a cold…and a lovely raspy voice (which I secretly love).  Funny- guys back in high school used to tell me I had a hot voice.  I digress.  But it is pretty hot right now.  If I was a guy, I’d call me to hear this sexy cheerleader voice, as my collegue, Sarah, refers to it as.

Anyways, my whole point of even writing this morning was to share these cute new shoes with you.  After taking my tired butt to the gym last night for a run and Spinning Power Hour class (for only 45 minutes though), I swung by DSW which is on my way home.  (I know, the beauty and downfall of life in Chicago.)  I went in looking for a cute pair of Blowfish heeled booties that Kathy had this weekend, but unfortunately I had no such luck.  However, I still felt like I deserved to treat myself having just thrown a Bachelorette weekend, being fairly exhausted these past few weeks, and oh yeah, work is continuing to be sucky.  (I’ll save you from having to hear about it all because I don’t want to bring you down too, like everyone is trying to do to me.)  So my treat was these cute flats.  They were only about $24 too, so how could I not take them home with me.  Oh, and I bought a new wallet too, which even the cashier thought was a good purchase (given that it has a mirror in it.) 

My new shoes reminded me of the song- New Shoes by Paolo Nutini.  Hmmm…I wonder why.

Yes, I’m rambling and need to stop in order to get some work down.  Hope you have a good atleast it’s not Monday– day (aka Tuesday).

PS. The title of this blog is because some guy said it to me this morning and now it’s stuck in this tired head of mine.


3 thoughts on “top of the mornin’ to you

    1. My heels get torn up with all the walking I do. Flats are heaven-sent and so darn cute anymore. Once you start, you won’t stop.

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