about last weekend: girls just wanna have fun (part 4)

Hangover.  That’s what the five girls in the hotel room in downtown Columbus were experience on the morning of Saturday, April 10th.  For some reason, we woke up around 7:30 – 8:00 am and the madness began a little bit after.  Okay, maybe some of us/them were still drunk because it was it was a complete shit-show for the next few minutes.  There’s never a dull moment with these girls.  And out of respect, I won’t go into details- even though I doubt they’d even care. 

We showered, got dressed, and cleaned up the hotel room before heading out to grab some breakfast up at Easton.  Sarah, being Sarah, was craving McDonald’s so she headed that way why Jackie dropped me off at Starbucks (of course) before we drove up to one of our favorite places.  Apparently the girls wanted burgers at 11 am so we headed over to Red Robin with Kristin and Ruth.  (Sarah already ate so she went shopping instead.)  After ordering our meals, the quote of the morning belonged to Jackie- much to our surprise.  “Can I order a beer?” (Barf.)  Prompting Ruth to ask, “Can I get one too?”  (Barf again.)  I had to take a photo of this, which Kristin in the background making the expression that I was feeling. 

Breakfast was good, but being a breakfast food kinda girl I would have preferred Bob Evans over the grease.  Ruth had to get back to Lancaster for family photos and Kristin was ready for a nap, so Jackie, Sarah, and I headed up for some shopping at Polaris (a mall in Westerville- near Julie’s parents’ house).  We spent awhile in Forever XXI before being shopped out and decided to head to L-Town ourselves. 

Sarah had to get to her bridesmaid dress fitting (for Kristin’s wedding), leaving Jackie and I to fend for ourselves.  So what did we do for our date?  Manis and Pedis at the ever-so-lovely Lancaster Mall.  While waiting for our walk-in appointment, I dragged Jackie over to Spencers.  Jackpot!  I found so much stuff for Julie’s upcoming Bachelorette Party that I was hosting in a week (at the time…now it’s in 3 days!).  I should say that Julie is definitely a girl-next-door, Christian girl so this Bachelorette Party is definitely Rated G- maybe a bit PG since alcohol could/most likely will end up playing a role.

After our extremely relaxing mani (for me) and pedi (for Jackie), we ran to Meijer (I heart Meijer) to pick up some chips and guacamole (I heart guac) for the cookout at Ruth’s house that her parents were hosting for us and their family.  Instead of indulging you in all of the details, I’ll just say this: Ruth’s older brothers (who both have kids) were trashed.  Apparently they finished a bottle of Grey Goose in two hours.  At first they were very entertaining, but then it got to be too much.  I enjoyed my time with her family, especially being able to spend some time with her nephews and extremely adorable niece.  Baby fever continued.

We ate and hung out for a bit, but then Carrie drove me back to her house to shower and get ready for  the night out at Cricket’s.  I really want to tell you all about Cricket’s and our infamous nights there, but I could go on all night.  Instead I’ll give a brief description by saying that it is (was) the bar to be at in L-Town and the location of many late nights (including one ending at 5 am with the sun coming out…not kidding…it was classic.)  If those walls could talk…

Unlike many other nights, this Saturday was an extremely low-key night Cricket’s, which was just what we needed.  We were all so tired from the previous night and tomorrow was the Bridal Shower so we had a busy day.  But we still stayed at Cricket’s for awhile, but really just enjoyed some great conversation and girl time (with Ben, Carrie’s husband).  Cricket’s was empty, so Matt (manager & Kristin’s long-lost crush) made his way over to our table frequently.  In my opinion, he’s a good guy, but I know Ruth has her own opinion.  After talking to Matt about the infamous Brave Bull shots that we first had two years ago, he made them for us- all of us.  In fact, he sent them over on a paddle with our server.

Now I honestly don’t know the whole story, nor am I sure I want to, but apparently L-Towners/loyal Cricketers enjoy using the paddle and/or spatula in that bar (?).  I’ve witnessed it on a few occasions, but I absolutely have no idea how it got started.  Oh well.  We stayed until about 1:30 am or so before Jackie, Ruth and I got dropped off at Ruth’s parents’ house.  We had every intention on going in the hot tub when Sarah got there, but after putting our pjs on…yeah, it was bed time instead.  Before going to bed though I had a great conversation with Ruth…one that I’d be looking forward to.  See, Ruth had lived in Chicago during grad school and moved (from Chi-town) for a position with the Air Force shortly before I relocated.  (Bummer.) 

I’ve communicated with Ruth since moving here and been open about how difficult the adjustment has been and my anxieties about living here.  It was comforting to hear Ruth say that she experienced many of the same issues when she came here, and that it took her about a year (or more) to really feel okay being in Chicago.  I wish she still lived here.  Like many of my other friends, gives me unconditional love and support.  Her strength makes me strive to be stronger.  In fact, so every time Ruth would come back to Lancaster/Columbus while she lived in Chicago, I’d always tell her how I admired her for moving to a new, big city by herself.  I’d say, “I wish I could do that.”  Well, it’s because of her that I did do it and I’m here, in Chicago, now.  So truly, thank you, Ruth. 

I woke up Sunday morning on Ruth’s parents’ couch.  Jackie was showering so I joined the Sharp ladies in a conversation.  While Ruth got ready, I had an wonderful conversation with her mom.  We talked a lot of things in general, but got into this great conversation about mothers/daughters and how much she misses Ruth- being that she lives in San Fran right now.  Her mom even teared up.  The whole time I thought about my mom, and how much I miss living near her.

Sarah eventually came to pick me up to run errands before Kristin’s shower.  We ran to Walmart, picking up TP for a shower game.  By the time we got to Kristin’s parents house, her family was already there setting up…and to my surprise, Jim was there too!  I hadn’t seen him since I moved.  Let me rewind.  While living in Columbus, I spent a lot of weekend nights out with Kristin and Jim, and about 1-2 per month Kristin and I would go visit Jim at his restaurant, Tria.  I’ll stop from going on a trip down memory lane for now.

Jim and the men headed out for beer…I mean golf…leaving us ladies to have some fun of our own.  The Young’s basement was transformed into an elegant party fit for the princess herself.  She even had a throne!!  It looked gorgeous and added a lot of decadence to the shower.  Kristin was in her glory, as was her mom.  There were about 30 women there- family members, friends, co-workers, neighbors.  I’ll spare you from hearing the details of the shower, but let me share some memorable moments.

So this is what the TP was for.  Me and some of the younger attendees (Jim’s niece and family friends) were the victims in the dress the bride game.  It was actually a lot of fun, although my dress didn’t win- but A for effort to Carrie and Christie.  And what about Kristin’s Dolly Parton dress?  (Yes, this was the product of Sarah and Ruth having too much fun with TP.)

Following the game, we headed back inside to allow Kristin to open her gifts.  Now I’m sure you don’t want to read all about that, so I’ll just share a few special ones (that I happen to have photos of). 

So Kristin’s cousin, Anna, who is one of her best friends (and a sophomore at OU), drew a picture of Kristin’s baby, George (her dog).  Kristin immediately teared up, and I think Anna and Mrs. Young may have too.  It was very sweet.

And perhaps the most touching moment, for me, was when Kristin opened this gift from her mother.  It’s a heart-shaped white wicker picnic basket.  There’s a story behind it.  When Kristin and her mom were shopping at the mall one day when Kristin was in middle/high school, she saw this at Things Remembered and fell in love with it.  So Cindy went back and purchased it, waiting until this special occasion to give it to her daughter.  Tear.  I mean how sweet is that?  That is something that I would do…and probably my mom too. 

The party ended shortly after.  Sarah was having dinner with my family, so I headed home with Carrie to spend time with her and Ben before my late night trip on Megabus back to Chi-Town.  I have to say that Carrie and Ben are such a lovely couple.  So gracious, warm, and easy-going people.  I felt like such an inconvenience making them deal with me, but now I know that’s just what friends do.  Sarah arrived back a few hours later and we headed downtown to catch the bus.

Much to our surprise, the bus was there when I arrived.  The weekend was so exhausting, but since I was able to get wi-fi I decided to stay up for awhile and check/respond to email.  However, I finally got my eyes closing and decided it was time for good night.  But the always-adventurous Megabus had different plans for me.  No joke.  At 2 am-ish, we were forced to unboard the bus at a gas station and mosing around like Zombies for at least 30 minutes while they filled the bus up with gas.  Seriously?  We finally got back on, after I downed a whole bag of trail mix.  (I showed the evidence in a previous post, just so I knew it wasn’t a dream.)

The bus arrived in downtown Chi-town on schedule around 6:30 am.  I was exhausted.  And I had to work in 90 minutes.  Knowing that and the fact that my luggage was broken, I hopped in a cab.  And shortly arriving back at my apartment after an A.MAY.ZING. weekend in Columbus, I hit up my favorite Starbucks and chatted with my barista friends…letting them know that I’d be back later for more caffeine.


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