about last weekend: girls just wanna have fun (part 2)

…okay, where was I?  Oh yes, Grappa is crappa.  Seriously, just don’t even both trying it.  I mean I really am in this whole hippie- live in the moment era of my life, but there are some things that you just need not experience…Grappa being one of them.  Why it is chased by espresso makes me question my love affair with coffee…well for a second, no more.  By the way, in case the menu is hard to read in the photo, here’s what is in the Ammazza Caffe: Death of Coffee- A shot of fresh espresso served with a shot of  Grappa (in the wine glass on the right).  Apparently it’s an Italian tradition, so at least I made my ancestors proud.  Wow.  I just had a bad idea of having my dad try this during his next Chi-town trip in May.  Hmmmm….maybe I’ll have him try a Brave Bull instead.  (See more on that later.)

We left Marcella’s with a bit of a buzz, to say the least.  Jen had parked her car in the lot next to my old apartment building and I said that I go with her to move it to the parking garage near the Arena, therefore it was closer to the Piano Bar (destination #2).  As we walked down High Street, me with my buzz, I was high on life being back in my old neighborhood.  In comparison to my East Lakeview/ Lincoln Park neighborhood in Chicago, the Short North in Columbus is nothing…but my love for Ohio is indescribable and it will always feel a bit like home to me. 

I found myself reminiscent as I headed closer to 9 Buttles…thinking about the morning that Sarah, Waples, Tony, Charlie, and I headed to a late breakfast – accompanied by a hangover- and we seriously witnessed the coolest thing ever.  It’s so hard to explain and definitely a ‘you had to be there’ kind of moment.  To make a long, hilarious story short, some guy got out of his car in the middle of High Street (think Clark street for all of you Chicagoans or Court Street if you’re an OUer) and started dancing in the middle of the road to some other guy’s blasting car radio.  Now, I cannot remember if someone else got out of their car and started dancing too, but for entertainment-sake let’s say it happened. 

Anyways Jen and I eventually made it to the parking lot next to my building, and as always there was a (homeless man) ‘parking attendant’ there.  And here it is folks, my former home and first ‘adult’ apartment- post college that is.  Our apartment was right there on the first floor, and my window was right on the corner.  As Jen drove south on High Street towards the parking garage, I found myself staring out the window with serenity and content.  (And yes, I was still buzzing too.)  Oh, Columbus.  I miss you!  So many good memories…and more to come.  The night was still young.

Having finally found  a parking spot in the garage, we made our way to Big Bang Piano Bar to join the girls.  I won’t lie, the details of the night really are a little blurry.  It was such an A.MAY.ZING. night!  I’m using the pictures to piece it all together.  I remember starting with a glass of wine and finding the girls…and then the ridiculous of Kristin’s Bachelorette Party began.  Honestly, for this group of girls (especially back in Athens and/or Lancaster) this night was fairly tame.  However, there were a lot of shots…and I still have no idea what they were nor how many there ended up being.  Apparently I snuck out just in time to miss the tequila shot.  FYI: Straight tequila and me do not get along, not since I was 18 years old and literally throwing up shots in Scott Israel’s basement the next morning. 

So like I said, the night is a blur.  I wasn’t totally wasted or anything, but definitely far from sober.  Here are some of the photos of the night to share the details of our adventures at Big Bang Piano Bar.  Jen and I finally arrive at the bar, and this picture is great because it’s the most sober we were that night…or at least it appears that’s the case. And here’s Jackie and Ruth enjoying their highly anticipated reunion with the first of many shots.  These girls used to finish an entire case before going out for the night.  That in itself certainly deserves an “OH COLLEGE.  WE MISS YOU.”  Shortly afterwards there was another round of group shots, and from my recollection there was a round or two of $1 jello shots (that were surprisingly strong) too. 

Now let me say, how cool is it that Mrs. Young was at Kristin’s Bachelorette Party?  And not only that, but she was enjoying the festivities as much as her daughter!  I love this photo.  I’m going to have to get it framed for them.  I wonder if my mom would come to my Bachelorette Party?  Hmmm…first that means I’d have to have one, which also means that I’d have to trick some guy into proposing to me.  I bet my mom would go and be happy drunk off her ass because I was finally (appearing to) settle down in (gasp) a relationship. 

Back to reality.  Two more shots for the bride.  Jen decided to order Red-Headed Sluts for the three of us.  And then here’s a classic photo of the lovely bride being the champ that she is my doing a handless BJ shot.  So proud of her!

And then I had to add this photo on the right to show what happens when you let an already-drunk Bachelorette do two shots in a row.  Neither Kristin nor I remember when this photo was taken, but we believe that I’m holding her up here.  (In the photo, left to right: Carrie, Jen, Kristin, me, Jackie, Sarah.  Ruth took the photo.)

Maybe this is a good place to end for now…plus I’m find it difficult to keep my eyes open.  To be continued…


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