friday night fun…?

My dear Darlene said it best this morning, “It’s Fri-YAY!”  How cute is she?  I love that.  So yes, today is Friday.  TGIF.  Using that acronym takes me back to the good old days.  Do you remember TGIF with shows such as Boy Meets World, Family Matters, Step by Step.  Does that age me?  What else was on that night?  So that was my middle school days because I remember talking to Katie Allen on the phone about our crush, Andrew Keegan, who appeared on one of those shows.  In high school, Friday nights were usually spent at football games (Fall), basketball games (winter), and the mall, Eat N Park, and/or driving around good old Hampton (spring & summer).  In college, Friday nights were spent at the bars or house parties…each and every Friday.  The same went for my Fridays in Columbus, although there was a periodical evening in at Sarah’s or Kristin’s up in L-Town from time to time. 

Now my Fridays are much more…well, some may same boring or lame…but I’ll say tamed down.  Since my weekend officially began a few hours ago, I’ve spent my Friday evening doing laundry (which was more like losing money on machines that don’t work properly), working out to my Biggest Loser DVD, grocery shopping, cleaning, catching up on two weeks of Tivo, and beginning to think about decorating this lovely apartment of mine for Julie’s Bachelorette party next weekend.  (More on that in upcoming posts.)  But last Friday…now that’s a different story. 

I promise to tell the tales of my weekend in Columbus for Kristin’s Bachelorette Party and Bridal Shower either tomorrow or Sunday.  I’ll need a break from my cleaning and decorating party anyways.  Okay, back to my Tivo shows. 

Oh by the way, I canceled my cable today.  I’ve considered it for awhile- especially realizing that 1) most of my Tivoed shows are on basic channels; and 2) everything is online anyways.  So here’s to saving $50 a month, which prompted me to start a much-needed savings account today.  Here’s to growing up and spending Friday nights in.  Maybe I should have a glass of wine just to make this evening a little bit more eventful.  Cheers!  ♥K


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