always a bridesmaid

This the season for all things weddings.  For me, 2010 has (thus far) has been filled with dress fittings, bridal showers, Bachelorette parties, and one very big, all-day Bridal Show at which I sported my own faux-engagement ring.  (Not kidding.)  All of these wedding festivities have my mind spinning in circles, more-so than normal if you can imagine that.  As I’ve acknowledge, I do have relationship (and baby) fever, but I’m content with my single status, for the most part.  However, today the movie, 27 Dresses, popped into my head…and OMG…I’m Jane.  I”m so much her that I am almost convinced that the movie was written about me.  If you haven’t seen the movie, then you’re most likely a straight male.  The synopsis is that Jane is the definition of always the bridesmaid, never the brideand she’s fine with that.  One character calls her out and says, ‘You’d rather focus on other people’s Kodak moments than make memories of your own.’

I left work a little early today, and decided to get off the train and head into Lovers’ Lane to look for Bachelorette party decorations and favors.  I won’t lie, I had my doubts walking into the store but decided to go anyway to check it out.  I was immediately bombarded with a sales person who was trying to sell me everything and anything.  It was only awkward because she was pushing me to purchase more…even trying to get me to buy a vibrator for both the bride (Julie)- which if you know Julie, it’s not her thing.  And then, after mentioning that Julie was saving herself for her wedding night (to which the sales person responded with a shocked ‘oh really’), she decided to then encourage me to buy one for myself.  I have to say, the Pearl Rabbit that was once highlighted in Sex and the City tempted me but I pulled the “Maybe I’ll come back”.  It was pretty looking and one of my nicknames is Bunny…lol.

Heading towards my apartment, I somehow ended up stopping in Akira just to browse around for something to wear to Kristin’s wedding, Bill & Rene’s wedding or Julie’s Rehearsal dinner, or one of the other weddings later this summer.  When I saw this dress, I just had this feeling like I couldn’t leave the store without it.  After being asked 3 times if I needed a dressing room from 2 different sales people, I finally decided to get their opinion.  “Do you think this is appropriate to wear to a wedding in mid-May?”  We chatted for a bit, with me realizing that I could also wear it to Julie’s rehearsal dinner or her Bachelorette party next weekend (which will most likely be the plan.).  But before that I decided to tell them my little secret: A very hot boy is going to be at the wedding and I want to look & feel good.  Okay, now it made sense to them and we talked about that for a few minutes.  (I love bonding with random girls about guys.) 

Okay, so this is the dress.  You may not be ale to decide from these photos, but in looking at it again and talking to the sales people, I’m leaning towards wearing it to the Bachelorette party night out next weekend instead, but what do you think?  Could I wear it to the wedding, or should I find something out to impress this crush of mine?  I told Adriana today, life is so much better with a crush because it’s just more exciting.  It gives you a reason to pretty-yourself-up.  Boys, boys, boys…gotta love them. 

One last thing, is this one appropriate for wedding: Akira- Teal, One Strap Tunic?  I have a few other options in my closet that I’ll be getting others’ opinions on in the next few weeks.  And shoes!  I need to find shoes!  Life is really keeping me busy these days.  Gotta love wedding season now that we’re grown-ups.  (When did this happen again?) 

Just like Jane in 27 Dresses,  I love seeing my friends happy and I’ll do everything in my power to make it happen.  On that note, I have a Bachelorette party to plan, clean, and decorate for this weekend.  I’m excited, but just thinking about it makes me feel more poor and tired.  On that note, good night.  Tomorrow is Friday!  This is my first Friday in Chicago in weeks and all I want to do is sleep in, but the plan is for a morning workout before my doctor’s appointment, but we’ll see.  Good night.  ♥K


2 thoughts on “always a bridesmaid

  1. My friends poke fun and say that movie is about me as well… I’ll be a bridesmail in wedding number 6 in the beginning of September. I always have the comeback that she ends up with James Marsden in the end, so I’m totally cool with it…. 🙂

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