500 days of chicago

This is a story of girl meets city.  The city, Chicago, Illinois (aka The Windy City) is home to many hopeless dreamers and Midwestern cynics, as well as Michigan Avenue (aka The Magnificant Mile), Wrigley Field (Home of the Cubs), the former Sears Tower (now called the Willis Tower..yeah, whatever is right), the El, Lollapolooza, Navy Pier, Second City and I.O., Da Bears, and deep-dish pizza, as well as The Obamas and (The) Oprah.  The city of Chicago (and millions of tourists & residents alike) believed that Chicago was an ‘awesome city’ and one loved by all.

The girl, Kristen Medica, originally of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania but formerly of Ohio, did not share this belief.  Since moving to Ohio for college in the fall of 2002, she’d only really loved two things.  The first was all of her friends, most still residing in the state.  The second, how fortunate she felt to be embraced by all things O-H-I-O.  The state was her happy place.  (By the way, this from Fall ’03, but shhh..)

Kristen (officially) meets Chicago on November 28th (2008)…which may or may not have been exactly 500 days ago- may very well be Day 501.  She knows almost immediately Chicago is not what she had been searching for, but still a part of her believes that there’s something to be found here- evidently it ends up being herself…or perhaps better put, a part of her that she lost a long time ago.

This is a story of girl meets city, but you should know upfront, this not a love story.  (Adapted from 500 Days of Summer.) 

You know what, my story may not be the typical love story (Girl meets Boy, Girl falls in love), but rather it’s a love story indeed:  Self love.  My story is about me loving myself.  While I could sit here and tell you about all of 500 days of Chicago, I think it’s more suiting to quote this movie again instead.  Most days of the year are unremarkable. They begin, and they end, with no lasting memories made in between.  Most days have no impact on the course of a life.  This may be true, to some degree; however, it’s when you look back on those 500 days that are not responsible for who you are today, that’s when you realize how remarkable each day actually is.  Here’s to 500 more days in Chicago…well, maybe.   ♥K

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