sometimes i wish i was a little girl again because bruised knees heal faster than broken hearts

A child fills a place in your heart that you never knew was empty. This is the little angel that I got to spend this past weekend with.  What a cutie!  Based on this photo, I now call her the Guac-Monster since she was saying ‘chip’ and ‘dip’ continuously after falling in love with Adriana’s guacamole like the rest of us.  The Guac-Monster’s name is Hazel Katherine, aka Big Sister to 6-week year old George Michael Francis, and she is my favorite little munchkin ever.  Not only is she a cutie pie, but she is gorgeous.  That girl is going to break some OU boys’ hearts! 

My weekend in Cinci was A.MAY.ZING.  My bus left Chicago around 7 am, with us driving through Indy on the way there and the NCAA festivities must have already begun.  It took us awhile to get through downtown Indy but we eventually made our way to Cinci.  Rebecca and the kids were stuck in traffic, so as luck would have it I ran over to Starbucks to get us some drinks before our trek back to her house.  It was so good to finally see Rebecca!  Hazel had just woken up from a nap so it took her awhile to warm up.  But before i knew it she was my little buddy again- showing me all of her boo-boos and showing me the ‘baby’.  Just melts my heart thinking about her! 

We headed back to Rebecca & Nate’s new house- which is lovely- to have some playtime with the Littleton ladies.  Before we knew it, it was time to meet Adriana and Pat at the imfamous Wildflower.  Officially meeting Pat was wonderful (!!!) but I felt like I already knew him.  It was just very comfortable, and I was so happy to see A glowing with love.  Love, love, love.  The only thing better than being in love is seeing people who you love in love.  It was hard to talk to him since we were sitting at opposite ends of the bar, but I knew we’d all get time later. 

Rebecca and I were so hungry by the time we got to Wildflower, so after a delicious side salad & my first glass of Riesling for the night, my entrée arrived: Butternut Squash Ravioli.  A.MAY.ZING.  Trust me on this.  All of the food there is organic and fantastic, but I swear on that nothing can beat this.  So good!  After our meal, Rebecca headed home and A, Pat, and I ventured back to A’s house so I could finally meeting her mom.  Love, love, love her!  And let me tell you, Adriana & Dawn together are a hoot.  I was so entertained just listening to them.  I had a great time just hanging with the ladies and the wonderful Pat.  (Seriously, such a great guy!  A’s a lucky girl but so is he!)

After a few hours of hanging out at the house, we ventured out to a dive bar with one of Adriana’s friends, Jason.  As luck would have it, they had Nudie Touch Screen (aka Erotic Photo Hunt).  If you do not know this game, you are missing out!  Here’s what it’s all about, but instead of general pictures, replace them with gross-ass, women or men.  We used to play this game all of the time during Happy Hours in Athens and at Crickets in Lancaster.  It’s a guilty pleasure for sure.  Anyways, we had a few drinks and enjoyed the shenanigans at the bar.  There were some characters there and a lot of drunkeness, but the four of us kept our cool…until Adriana got her moment in the spotlight to perform HER karaoke song, Total Eclipse of the Heart.  After a few lines, Jason decided that we should join her- and so we did.  We left shortly afterwards with A and I heading home.  We were zonked and decided that it was best to sleep in the following morning.

Before we knew it, it was TATTOO DAY!  I won’t lie, I was a bit hungover from being a wino the night before.  But A, being the fabulous friend that she is made me a pot of coffee after my shower.  Much to my surprise, I wasn’t nervous but that had a lot to do with A being with me and her knowing the tattoo artist (for years and years).  We ran over to grab some lunch at the convenience store before heading to see Brad (tattoo artist).  They were behind schedule, which worked out well because Rebecca and Nate stopped by with the kids.  After they left A and I laid on the floor (in a room that reminded me of a house in Athens) just hanging out and decided to figure out where she should get her anchor tattoo.  Somehow we started discussing her getting it on the top of her foot- which she said would hurt A.LOT.  So me, being me, opened my mouth without thinking to say, “If you want to get one on your foot, then I’ll get one on mine too.”  Impulsive? Abso-f***in-lutely!  So it was decided.  IN ADDITION to the purple heart on my wrist, I was getting a tiny blue star too.  Afterall why get one tattoo when you can get two?  Seriously, I have no regrets at all.  It helped so much to have Adriana there with me though.  I love that I got to share this special moment with her. 

For those of you who do not know me, these tattoos are a very un-Kristen Medica move, or at least one would assumingly categorize it as such.  I did this for me.  No one else.  And to be honest, I’m glad I lived in the moment and made the decision to get the blue star too.  This is just proof (for me) that I’m becoming much more comfortable in my now-tattooed skin.   

Can I have a moment to tell you about my dear friend, Adriana (aka A and/or Shawty)?  I came across this quote today and it fits her perfectly: Each friend represents a world in us, a world possibly not born until they arrive, and it is only by this meeting that a new world is born.  Not while this certainly does not just pertain to the tattoos, it does for this respective situation. Adriana and I have only known each other for about 7 months now- meeting at Rebecca and Nate’s wedding in September (’09).  However we bonded almost immediately- which her even giving me a pair of sunglasses hours after meeting her.  While we officially announced our friendship over Facebook that weekend, our  true friendship blossomed shortly afterwards through email exchanges, texts, and then a weekend at my parents’ house in Pittsburgh.  Our friendship has been A.MAY.ZING. thus far and she truly brings out the best in me.  As Adriana has said about me, I must say the same about her: She’s helped me find me again.

After the tattoos, we headed over to the Littletons for pizza and play time.  We ended up going with Nate and Hazel to Kroger- with Hazel being the fairest kid of them all.  There was one woman there that had the worst plumber’s crack!  I mean how do you know feel the drift in the freezer aisle at least!  I’m still baffled about that one.  We headed back to the house and Pat came over a bit later.  We had a great time.  The food was A.MAY.ZING. and the company was even better! 

Being in total Ohio bliss, I decided that I wanted to (try to) put Hazel to bed- giving Nate and Rebecca a break.  I was so sure that I could do it, but I now know that Nate and Rebecca were expecting failure.  I cannot tell a lie: it was far from easy.  She cried for ‘mommy’ for awhile but I was finally able to get her into the rocking chair to read a few novels.  Hazel loves, loves, loves kitties and she’d Meow every time a kitty was on the page.  As time passed, her Meows got fainter, indicating that my little angel was falling asleep.  We eventually made it over to the bed, to read another book…and finally her eyes began to close.  I thought I had her, I really did.  But after about 10 minutes of laying with her I decided to head downstairs with my friends.  Of course, she woke up.  Nate came back up to get her down, as I went downstairs for a glass of wine.  We watched Boondock Saints II before A and Pat left and then the Littleton parents and I called it a night.

Sunday morning= Easter.  When did that happen?  So it’s April then?  Wow!  Am I behind on life.  We woke up early to get ready and head over to Rebecca’s parents house for breakfast.  I adore her parents- George & Kitty.  We had a great Easter morning with Hazel opening gifts and going on a mini-Easter egg hunt.  Afterwards we all headed over to Rebecca’s aunt’s house to have lunch with their extended family. Adriana met us over there and then I headed out early with her.  We had every intention of going home, showering, and taking a nap…but yeah, that didn’t happen.  Instead Adriana took me to Spring Grove Cemetary– swearing that I’d absolutely love it.  And I absolutely did!  It was gorgeous!!  Everywhere I looked was more breath-taking than the moment before.  I almost felt like I was in a movie, like The Secret Garden or a non-trippy Alice in Wonderland.  As I said to Adriana, it’s fascinating how a cemetary can make you think about the beauty of life.  It’s obvious that such a beautiful place like this can make you think about that, but for me I always find myself wondering about the lives of the deceased.  More so, it also made me think about loved ones that I have lost- especially my Pap.  In an odd way, it just makes me want to live more freely.

Back to reality, so after Spring Grove I believe we headed over to visit Pat and his mother- who was recently diagnosed with Stage 4 breast cancer.  Afterwards A and I visted her grandmother for a little bit before Rebecca came over to Adriana’s with baby George.  I got the chance to look through Rebecca’s wedding photos- which were GORGEOUS– and also held baby George for awhile.  So just imagine the La La Land that my head was in.  Weddings and babies…oh my!

Rebecca got ready to head back home just as Pat and his mom stopped by.  I was so glad that Mrs. Douglas got to see baby George (and his little mohawk).  Shortly after Dawn came back home and the five of us hung out for awhile as we awaited Dawn’s infamous Sweet Potato Casserole.  A.MAY.ZING.  After everyone left, A and I headed upstairs for some girl time.  One of my favorite things about staying with friends or hosting them is the chat time before bed and in the morning when you wake up.  (I know.  This just says “I need a boyfriend.”)  Adriana finished up my special Easter project before presenting it to me.  She made me a HAPPY BOOK!  I’ve been wanting to do that for weeks/months now but haven’t started it.  She printed off all of these quotes and graphics and OMG I just LOVE IT!  She knows me so well.  I always enjoy meeting new people and boy was this day full of that!  As much as I enjoyed it though, I was exhausted.

Unfortunately the day came when I had to head back to Chicago.  The best idea A and I have ever has been taking Monday off.  Since her mom offered to make us omelets for breakfast, A ran me over to Starbucks at the Kroger nearby.  Oh Starbucks, how I’ve missed you!  After breakfast we hung out for a bit before getting ready.  It took me forever to pack up because I really didn’t want to leave.  I was just so relaxed this whole weekend- filled with friends, new family, kids, and puppies galore.  It was just a perfect weekend. 

It was Opening Day for the Reds, so downtown Cinci was filled with fans and/drunks-whichever you prefer to call them.  A had made plans to meet her friend, Mandy, for lunch so we headed over there before going to the bus stop.  Another great meal for this girl.  We were only a few blocks away from the Megabus stop- which was unfortunate because I didn’t get to officially give A a proper THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR AN INCREDIBLE WEEKEND chat.  Seriously A, thank you. 

Much to both of our surprise, the bus was already there…half an hour early.  That’s unheard of for the Bus of all Megas (aka Megabus).  So I said my goodbye and loaded my crap in.  With Starbucks only a block away, I checked with the driver getting his ‘permission’ to induldge in some more caffeine.  I have to say that the ‘bucks barista guy was fairly cool- total hipster.  No crush there, but I just like pointing out my love for the baristas in this world. 

I went back to the bus and offered to move over for an elderly woman who was traveling alone.  Being on a high from my trip home, I chatted with her for awhile before realizing that I was too exhausted to even think.  The bus ride wasn’t too bad, with us stopping twice in Indy before getting back to Union Station in downtown Chicago.  I mentioned the other night about my miserable CTA experience home, but all in all I survived. 

I’ll tell you what, these two tattoos are truly magical as my purple heart reminds me constantly that I’m 1) stronger than I believe and 2) serves as a reminder of everything I’ve been through.  And the blue star on my foot, well it 1) serves as a reminder of my past (dreamer-lifestyle) and 2) of the living in the moment person I’ve become to be.  I’ve really grown up a lot, haven’t I?  Years ago I never would have imagined having a tattoo, let alone two.  It’s taken a very, very long time but this is truly the most comfortable I’ve felt in my skin in a long time…maybe it’s the tattoos. Lol.  ♥K


4 thoughts on “sometimes i wish i was a little girl again because bruised knees heal faster than broken hearts

    1. Amy, what’s your recipe? I have to try to make it myself- but it won’t be as good as Wildflower’s. If you’re ever in Cinci you have to go.

  1. P. Doug and I miss you like WHOA and you are always welcome to come back and stay with/live with us whenever you want. I had such a great time and I am SO HAPPY we got our tattoos together. K! I have a tattoo ON MY FOOT. You have TWO tattoos! You really impressed P. Doug with that one. He thinks you’re hardcore. You totally are. I guess it’s our turn next, dust off the blow up. Miss you terribly, love you lots. ❤ A

    1. A, I wouldn’t say I’m hardcore since my tattoos are tiny tiny- but I’ll take the ‘compliment’. Miss you two so much!! Cannot wait til our next adventure- wherever that ends up being.

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