scars are souvenirs you never lose

Apparently what happens in Cincinnati does not stay in Cincinnati.  Yesterday I got my first tattoo…and then I got my second.  The first tattoo, the purple heart on my left wrist, was planned to represent the courage that comprises me and the bravery that I continuously seek.  The second tattoo, the blue star on my left foot was impulsive with a story behind.  While it was quite a living in the moment moment, there’s a story behind it. 

Adriana was planning on getting an anchor tattoo but was contemplating where to get it.  (Note: Her body is already covered with them.)  So while we were waiting we were discussing places for her anchor.  “Maybe my foot”, she said, and then second-guessing that idea because she knew that it would hurt.  Feeling shockingly calm, I said, “If you get one on your foot, I’ll get one on mine.”  She gave me that Really? look, and much to my surprise I was all for it- absolutely no doubts or anxiety.  (Shocking, trust me I know.)  So after about ten minutes of thinking, it was all set.  Since I knew I wanted my purple heart on my wrist, I would just have to get something else on my foot. 

Adriana has this tiny star on her hand and I’ve thought about that before, but decided my purple heart was the one for me.  However, in thinking about the star I reasoned that it I could get that to stand for my dreamer.  Let me explain that ever since I saw the Michelle Branch- Goodbye To You video where she has dreamer written on her hand, the term has always been something I’ve identified myself as.  Dreamer.  I even had a necklace with the term on it until I love it one day.  So my impulsive second tattoo has meaning behind it too.  And if you put the two together, it’s my story.  I was a dreamer and now I’m brave.  I used to dream of better tomorrows and now I’m living (today).  The star identifies who I was and my heart reminds me who I am today- because of my past. 

For most of my life I never had the desire to get one, but in the past few years I’ve considered it.  And in the past few months I’m been being more set on making this daydream a reality.  Yesterday, without any doubts and regrets, I lived in the moment. 

I’ve only had my purple heart and blue star for about 36 hours now.  I cannot tell you how many times I’ve looked at both of them and felt so at ease with my life, and not only that but I feel more comfortable being me.  I look at my heart and I think, I really am stronger than I realize- remembering all of the struggles that I’ve overcome.  And I look at my star thinking, I love that I just did that on impulse; while also remembering the dreamer that I once was (and still am).   

A tattoo…. tells a story.  It’s symbolic of the important moments in your life.  A tattoo tells people what you are and what you believe in.  ♥K

P.S. These two songs keeps playing in my head– Name- Goo Goo Dolls &  Tattoo- Jordin Sparks.  


3 thoughts on “scars are souvenirs you never lose

  1. Thanks girls! Amy, for a long time I never thought I’d get one- let alone two. While my star wasn’t planned, it’s something relevant to me. I trust in time you’ll find what speaks to you.

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