fml: i missed you too, chicago

It’s a Monday after all, so of course it couldn’t end with some sort of crappiness happening.  I’m back in Chicago now, in my apartment watching Dancing with the Stars– or at least it’s on in the background.  I’m exhausted from the fabulous weekend I had in Cinci, but I’m also a little flustered after the trek back home from the Megabus stop.  Much to our surprise (both Adriana’s and mine), the bus was at the Cinci stop a half an hour BEFORE departure.  Shocking!  I even had enough time to drop my stuff off on the bus and run to Starbucks a block away.  The bus ride wasn’t bad at all, and I even chatted with the older woman next to me for awhile; however, the aggregation set in when I got off the bus.  Welcome back to Chicago, to me.  Hauling my bags a few blocks to the bus stop wasn’t horrible, but wait 20 minutes for the 151 bus to not show up is where my weekend blissful officially ended.  Finally I gave up and walked to the Brown Line.  As soon as I got to Diversey, it began to pour.  I had an umbrella in my bag, but of course I didn’t bring my rain boots- knowing that the weather in Ohio was going to be gorgeous this past weekend.  Anyways, I dragged my bags to my apartment, finally giving up on the umbrella at Clark & Broadway I figured why not just stop at the grocery store now instead of going back out.  Bad idea.

Let me vent for a few more lines and then I’ll make my tired butt sign off for the night.  1) People at the grocery store drive me crazy!  Not only do they block the aisles with their carts, but so many stand right in front of the sections that you need, on their cell phones!  Ahhh!  2) Why are people in Chicago so preoccupied, and honestly, selfish?  To share I was struggling with my luggage and groceries- even stopping  in front of the diner to get things together.  Not just one, but two ‘gentlemen’ walked right past me and didn’t offer to help.  (Maybe not a huge deal, but it would have been of them to offer assistance.)  And then, this girl literally stood in the doorway- on her cell phone- moving about an inch out of my way to let me get through the door.  Seriously, she had to be blind to not see me struggling.

If one good thing happened since my return to Chicagoland, it’s that I ran into one of my favorite Starbucks’ baristas on the way home.  Like I said, it’s Monday so I guess it couldn’t be filled with only joy.  On that note, as I promise, I’ll sign off.  I’ll try to find the time to share the details of my weekend in Cinci with you tomorrow.  Three more days and then I’m off on another Megabus trip to Columbus, OH.  Thanks for an A.MAY.ZING. weekend, Cinci.  I’ll be back soon.  Promise. ♥K


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