surprise spin

To make sure that I actually went to the gym tonight after work I decided to change into my workout clothes before leaving.  Oh the benefits of springtime weather!  Since I’m been slacking on my workouts lately, this proved to be the perfect solution to prevent me from ditching.  But based on the (lack of) attendance at the gym, a lot of other people didn’t follow my lead.  It’s hard to blame them since it was a gorgeous breezy day in Chi-town. 

Knowing that I probably weren’t work out this weekend, I realized that tonight was a must.  Afterall wedding season is right around the corner and those photos won’t just disappear.  So I got to the gym with the intention of running on the treadmill for an hour; however, the lightbulb went off- Oh yeah.  I think there’s spin class tonight.  I jumped off the treadmill and checked the schedule.  Perfect timing.  Class started in 5 minutes.  The class was empty and the instructor was a substitute, but spinning is spinning and I got my workout in.  In fact, I ran on the treadmill for a bit afterwards.  Yes, I’m a little crazy.  I know.

 If you haven’t give spinning a try, go tomorrow.  It’s a great workout and therapeutic because you’re taking it all out on the bike and sweating your stresses and worries away.  Exactly what appeals to me!

Anyways on the important issue…I’m going to Cinci tomorrow!!  Friends, babies, Twizzlers, tattoos, girlie time, boyfriends, fire pits, Target, Jungle Jim, etc.  I love Ohio!  And even more, I love my friends!!!  I’m so excited to have some play time with Hazel Nut and finally getting to meet baby George Michael.  I cannot remember the last time I held a newborn!  I’m been anticipating this weekend for so long and I don’t even care if my Megabus leaves at 7 am.  See you tomorrow, Cinci. ♥K


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