did you just quote gandhi to me?

It really is the little things in life that make a difference in this world.  Do you ever stop and think about that?  Not only do these little things (actions, words, expressions, etc.) influence other people, but they affect you personally as well.  Think of it this way: After a simple gesture like holding the door open for someone struggling with his/her groceries, don’t you immediately feel like a better person? 

On my lovely morning commute, I started thinking about this.  Actually it began when, being the do-gooder that I am, I picked up a cardboard box that was in the middle of the road.  Afterwards I noticed that a woman who was walking her dog had watched me do so.  Now I’m not one who likes attention nor praise, but I wondered- did I influence her enough to do a little good deed of her own?  I hope so. 

As Gandhi said, Be the change you want to see in the world.  Yesterday I was venting about others’ lack of manners and respect, and today my attitude is WHATEVER.  Just because others are performing kind gestures all over the streets of Chicago doesn’t mean that I’m going to stop doing so.  This is who I am; what makes me who I am; what makes me happy.  Yesterday I sent a ‘Here Comes Peter Cottontail’ card (inside joke) to my former roommates, Jay & Mike.  Why?  Why not?  Just thinking about their expressions when they receive their musical cards makes me happy.  It’s a win-win for us all, even with me incurring some cost.

And then there’s today.  Backing up, my Pap passed away last summer leaving my Grandma a widow.  One of the most difficult things in life is seeing someone you love so sad.  Since she’s in Pittsburgh (my hometown- no, I’m not originally from Ohio), I frequently send her cards and gifts to make her day a little brighter.  A few weeks ago I saw these ladybug cookies and I knew I had to send them to her- putting my trust in the good old USPS.  She called and left me the cutest Thank You voicemail upon receiving them, as she ate the cookies.  Love her!  Okay, now back to today, since she loves McDonald’s (yuck) I sent her a gift card for Bunny Day.  I hope it cheers her up a bit.

I almost feel selfish in a way because I personally get so much out of doing these little things for people.  My home remedy for a bad day is to send someone (friend, family member) a card/letter and/or a little thinking of you/just because gift.  It instantaneously improves my mood.  If you’re the recipient, aren’t you lucky to have me as a friend?  Actually I consider myself the lucky one to have someone like you to send these little pick-me-ups to!

It’s really these little things that we do on a daily basis that make-up who we are, and build up to who we are becoming.  ♥ K


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