Happy Birthday to my love, Phill.  You’re twenty-six today and I cannot help but think of the 21st birthday party that we threw for you at our good old 10 Hocking Street house.  And then I remember celebrating your 22nd birthday during our senior year…a night that you fortunately took away from the Alden Library- your second home in college.  

So many memories, Phill.  From the days when I brought you those delicious 7-layer cookies to our sanity trips to Easton.  Every time I think of you, I smile- which makes me think of that (damn)  you found on graduation day!  I have so much love for you, and not only that but I am so proud of the man who you are today.

I am honored to be your (Facebook) girlfriend of four years.  I hope that this is an A.MAY.ZING. year for you.  You get better with age, Phill, and somehow I love you even more in time.  ♥ K


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