one day i’ll fly away

You think you know but you have no idea.  Only a Chicagoan knows how appropriate the nickname “The Windy City” really is.  Today was solid evidence as to why.  I’m talking about the kind of wind that literally blows you away.  It was even hard to walk because the wind was providing such strong resistence.  Now typically I love windy days- always have.  It’s similar to how I feel about rainy days.  In a hippie-like way, you connect with nature.  But today was just a tit-bit intense (pun intended)… cooling down the previous spring-like temps drastically.  Is it winter again?  Did I miss a memo?

I just so happened to miss both buses this evening, so I decided to walk to the train station (which is about 20 minutes).  During my walk this song from Moulin Rouge popped into my head: One day I’ll fly away.  Leave all this to yesterday… I used to listen to this song a lot a few years ago when I was going through some tough times.  Hearing it in my head today reminded me of those times, and unfortunately the combination of the song and the wind put me in one of those blah moods for the rest of the day.  Don’t you hate those days, especially when you cannot figure out what the catalyst actually is?  I don’t think the song was responsible for causing my blahness, but rather it brought it out more.

I left work debating whether or not I was going to go to the gym and workout.  Can I use the wind as my excuse?  Too bad that doesn’t make me feel better.  But you know what kinda-sorta does?  Retail therapy.  Especially shoes.  These cute rainboots that I’ve had my eye on for weeks now are officially mine.  (They’re turquoise, if you cannot tell from the photo.)  You know I almost bought them a few times before, but kept holding off because I wanted to wait until the right timeand a funk day like today is the right time. 

While these cute rainboots worked temporarily, I still cannot figure out why I’m in a funk.  Don’t you hate days like this?  Now this may not make sense to people who don’t know me, but this is the third day in a row that I haven’t worked out.  I’ve even had the time to do so after work, but absolutely no desire.  Hopefully I get my enthusiasm back tomorrow otherwise Bootcamp on Saturday morning is going to a rough one with 4 days off in a row. 

You know I’m sitting here realizing how good I felt a week ago- when I was with Julie in Columbus.  I feel like that means something…but what?  Earlier I started writing how despite the cool, windy weather, I was still rockin’ an adorable outfit today- leggings, ballet flats, long silk shirt, cardigan and a new twisty hairstyle.  Probably not completely practical, but cuteness always trumps practical, right?  My point…happiness trumps practical too then, right?  Cuteness and happiness over practical…no other way.  Keep reminding me of this, okay.  And why I’m not yet back in Columbus or at least working a different job. ♥ K


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