you are my sweetest downfall

Those lovely sounds from the Chicago streets woke me up and I’m having difficulty falling back to sleep.  Thank God for Facebook.  It provides the perfect relief for the insomniac in us on nights like these.  As do blogs.  I hopped on to see if Alisha had posted anything today.  (She’s in my hometown, Pittsburgh.)  Nothing new, but I immediately got intrigued by this song.  Now before sharing it, let me say that I am a lover of lyrics.  To be poetic, they speak to me and touch my soul.  They make me feel like I’m not alone, and help me understand more about myself and life in general.  As soon as I heard those first lyrics used as my blog title (see side panel), I was lost in the song.   I also love the line- And the history books forgot about us, and the Bible didn’t mention us.  Thanks, Alisha.  ♥ K

Samson- Regina Spektor


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