dear chicago

A friend from OU was in town over fake-St. Patrick’s day weekend and took this photograph during her tourist adventures through the city.  Isn’t it gorgeous?  That’s my city!  To be honest, I forget that I live in THE CHICAGO.  It’s so easy to do since I don’t work downtown- unfortunately. 

Living here is much different when one would think, especially when you’re not made of money and forced to provide for yourself.  Don’t get me wrong, there are parts of my life in Chicago that I really love.  For example, I love being able to walk anywhere and everywhere; and I enjoy not having a car nor having to worry about parking, gas, and car insurance.  Chicago is great because everything is so convenient too!  Afterall there’s a Starbucks every 2-3 blocks.  (You knew I’d go there.)  One of the cons is that there’s almost too much in this city, which is rough for me since I’m not made of money.  Also, as a resident, I’m not living the same lifestyle as a tourist does.  In fact, I rarely venture downtown on the weekends nor do I visit any of the infamous Chicago attractions.  That’s why I love having guests so much!  It’s fun to be a tourist for a few days! 

I told both Adriana and Alisha today over email that I feel like my time in Chicago isn’t over yet.  Of course I think about moving back to Columbus, OH- but I guess now isn’t the time for that. ♥ K

*By the way, this photo was taken at the stained glass museum at Navy Pier.  Like I knew that existed…thanks Julianne.


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