I have to admit that I started this email with a completely different intention- complaining about work and how I wish I was back to my blissful Ohio girl self.  But then I saw an email from Adriana come in and my mind started to think about how lucky I am to have such wonderful girls in my life.

Adriana.  What can I say?  I adore her.  I even changed my Facebook picture today to include one of my favorites, from our NYE celebrations in Chi-town.  Wow, that was only about 3 1/2 months ago.  The night we swore that 2010 was going to be OUR YEAR, and I believe we even swore off boys.  Huh?  I wonder if she’s continuing that pact. (Cough. Patrick. Cough.)  Love you, A.  New Year’s resolutions are meant to be broken anyways.

Anyways, not only does Adriana keep me sane through the day with our email exchange, but she just makes me happy.  Today, for instance, she sent me an email with this photo in it with the follow caption: I took this picture in the national basilica with you on my mind. Just minus the Mary.  And of course it came at the most perfect moment when I was have a blah, blah, blah attack and needed an instant pick-me-up like this.  She’s wonderful!!  I will write so much more about her in this blog, including a huge posting next week after I visit with her in Cinci!!!  I’m excited just thinking about it!!!  Twizzlers, Target, Tattoos….

During one of my late night talks with Julie this weekend, I said that if I was to get married in the near future then my bridesmaids would be Julie, Adriana, and Libby.  I stopped there because then I started thinking about all of the other wonderful ladies in my life- Alisha, Darlene, Karrie, Rebecca, Kristin, Jen, Sarah, Ruth, Ashley, Jenni, Jenny…and I’m probably forgetting someone too!  Oh, and little Hazel as my flower girl!!  I’m such a lucky girl to have such A.MAY.ZING. and BEAUTIFUL friends that support me.  You know, in my opinion, the secret to life is to have fantastic girl friends.   

Okay, back to reality.  I’m not getting married anytime soon (or ever).  It’s almost time to leave and head out for spinning class.  ♥ K


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