chocolate covered gummy bears

I arrived at the Columbus Airport about 30 minutes ago and went right to Cup O Joe.  I miss it so much!!  Sorry, Starbucks but I’m a Cup O Joe girl this weekend.  Julie is on her way to pick me up so I need to make this quick.  Here are my thoughts:

I feel like I’m home and I haven’t even left the airport yet.  I cannot imagine me not moving back here one day, but we’ll see what the cards hold for me.

During my layover in Cinci I was thinking about the first time I traveled through the Columbus Airport.  I was 21 years and it was the summer before my senior year at OU.  My dear friend, Sarah, dropped me off as I was flying to Florida to meet my parents & brother for our vacation.  Sarah came in with me and I bought her dinner at the Max & Ermas that I’m now staring at.  Before she left, we stopped in the gift shop- that I just turned around to look at.  The guy there gave us a sample of Chocolate Covered Gummy Bears. 

CHOCOLATE COVERED GUMMY BEARS!  They deserve an A.MAY.ZING. for just existing.  Anyways that was almost 5 years ago.  At that time moving to Columbus was a daydream and I hadn’t even connected with Julie again yet.  Crazy to think about that and how much I’ve experienced since then, says the girl who’s now living in Chicago.  (Never did I expect that to me in my after college plans.)

Juls is here.  Gotta go.  Have a great weekend.  I know I will!  ♥ K


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