up in the air

I had every intention of writing today but it’s now 10 pm – yes, I’m back in the good old Eastern Time Zone– and all I want to do is pass out for as long as possible.  To make my early morning flight, I had to wake up at 4 am.  I remember the nights when I didn’t go to bed until 4 am.  Okay, it’s probably obvious that the deliriousness is kicking in so I’ll keep this short.

I traveling to Indianapolis this morning to work at one of our partner’s conventions.  While I wouldn’t can it ‘fun’, it really wasn’t that bad.  I always like work more when I’m doing something away from the office.  And to my surprise, I like Indy as well.  It reminds me a bit of Columbus- much more  homey than Chicago.  So yeah, Indy today and Columbus tomorrow- with a short layover in Cinci which I promise I’ll be the idiot waving to Adriana somewhere in the airport.  Only two more weeks until I get to spend a weekend with her and the Littletons in Cinci! 

Okay, I’m going to leave it at this since my whole body is yelling at me to get some sleep!  I don’t think I can fight this much longer, and for your sake I’ll stop now to prevent my ramblings from wasting your time.  Good night.  ♥ K


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