we all have things that we hold on to, that we cannot let go

I just heard this line (the title of this blog) on a one of those CW shows that I’m probably too old to admit to watching.  Oh well.  You know my secret.  Anyways, this line got me thinking but maybe not in the way that one would think.   This is what I want to say. ..

Yes, there are some things in life that we hold on to longer than others; things that feel impossible to let go of.  They consume us; hurt us; make us not feel like ourselves, but then again if we try to let go of them then we feel less life ourselves- or at least the person we believe we are because of them. 

What I’m trying to say is that there eventually comes a day when (deep breath) we’re ready to let go.  We don’t know when this day will come, and to be honest we never really expect that it will.  But my time has come.  Everything in me right now says it’s finally time.  So this is me, letting go.  Once and for all.  And I’m well aware that this is just step one, but I’m say that there’s no turning back this time.

I’m not going to try and force myself to forget, and unlike before I’m not going to run away.  My past is forever a part of me.  I accept that now more than ever, but I’m ready to let go and move on.  I know it’s not as easy as just saying it, but from this point on I’m ready to stop holding myself back.  ♥ K


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