fml: and on top of it, my head hurts like a mother…

I’m taking it to my blog instead of making one of my friends deal with a bitchy, sleep-deprived, angry-at-the-world email…

The past 24 hours have royally sucked.  You know, I actually handled the whole being locked out of my apt/ door jammed situation fairly well, which is shocking to me.  I mean, you try being on the other end of your door for hours starting at your key wondering what you could have ever done to hate you so much.  I know I’m a good person.  So what is it key?  Or is it the door?  Door, what did I do to you?  Sure, I thought about hurting you and kicking you open, but I guess I mustered up enough common sense over the years to know that it attempting to kick you in would only leave me hating the situation even more. 

So it’s 1:45 am now and my alarm clock is set to go off in 3 hours and 15 minutes.  FML.  I wish I had enough common sense to take tomorrow off and just hibernate for the day.  But of course I cannot do that because 1) I’m too ‘dedicated’ of an employee to take a personal day for this reason; 2) I got nothing else that makes sense…maybe I should take tomorrow off.  I do have a test to study for on Tuesday too.  FML.

Oh wait, I forgot to say why I’m up writing this at 1:45 am.  Well first, I woke up at 11:30 pm to a frame falling in my room.  FML.  And then, it may as well have been the apocalypse in my neighborhood because every fire truck felt the need to siren it up for the past 30 minutes.  I hope they were just getting a cat out of a tree- FML even more.  Anything is possible in this city, including every mother f’in siren in the city feeling the need to say F your Life, Kristen Medica, on a Sunday night of all nights too!!  FML.  Honestly if  I cannot immediately fall back to sleep, I think I’m just going to shower and get ready for work. 

Seriously, when did I get so bitter and bitchy?  Thanks, Chicago.  Ohio was never this cruel to me.


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