the last day of our lives

If you know me, really know me, you’ll understand exactly why this song strikes a chord with me.  Because it has the same impact on you.  Do me a favor and listen to it.  Look at the lyrics.  If it doesn’t remind you of someone/something now then maybe it will one day.  Songs like this have the power to provide you comfort even though the subject at hand causes you pain.  And here’s the best part of songs like this:  One day you’ll listen to it and feel no pain at all, indicating that you’ve finally let it all go.  Now you can embrace the song for the beauty of the past, instead of the anguish that it once caused you.  On that note, enjoy the song while I get some morning workout therapy in.  ♥ K

Schuyler Fisk- The Last Day of our Lives

Music & Lyrics


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