my dad

Last night I watched the movie Everybody’s Fine.  It was a lot different from what I expected.  The character Robert DeNiro played reminded me of my own father.  It was a little hard to watch, to be honest.  I constantly pictured my dad in the role.  My dad is one of a kind and I feel blessed to have him.  But watching the movie made me realize how little I actually talk to him nowadays, just like what occurs in the movie.  My mom is the one that I tell everything to.  And living so far away unfortunately makes the my time with my dad very limited.  It makes me miss all those days in my youth when I’d watch countless hours of college basketball with him.

I know a lot of adult children would say this, but I used to be a lot closer to my dad than my mom when I was younger.  But again, like most daughters my mom became one of my best friends and we only get closer the older I get. 

I’m so lucky to have them both.  Good night, kids.  ♥ K


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