fml: not much good about this morning

As much as I want to say what a fucking, shitty day this is, I’m a lady and won’t result to using curse words to express my frustration.  Oops…well, since I started I guess it’s okay to continue.  Fuck. Fuck. Fuck.

I won’t waste too much time on this since it’s 4 pm and I have school work, work work, and various other tasks to do before the dreaded Monday arrives again.  First I woke up forgetting that it was daylight savings time- Lost 1 hour there.  Fortunately I got my workout in, but immediately after it the FML day began.  Taking nothing but my keys with me and wearing sweaty, smelly workout clothes, I went downstairs to switch my laundry to the dryer.  As luck would have it, my door decided to be a little bitch (again) today and not allow my key unlock it.  Fuck. Fuck. Fuck.  Sorry.  This ‘lady’ has had a rough day.

Not having my cell phone with me, I ventured aroud my building to look for my maintenance guys.  Luckily my new favorite person in the building (Thank 4th floor Marina!) let me borrow her cell phone to call Marcel, our maintenance guy.  Strike Two.  I got his voicemail.  I went back upstairs to leave a note on my door, deciding that I’d head over to the management company’s office to see if they could help me reach Marcel.  Before heading to Belmont, I used my laundry quarters to visit my friends at Starbucks for my caffeine and venting fix.  The management office wasn’t too willing to help (whatever!) but I did get them to call Marcel- who was at church for another few hours.  Strike Three.

Lucky for me, my neighborhood kicks ass so I ran (yes, literally ran) over to Borders for a few hours to kill time.  The management office told me that Marcel would be back at 12:30 to help me in, so I arrived shortly after that.  They lied.  Strike Four.  Marcel, feeling awful because he’s an A.MAY.ZING. guy, arrived around 2 pm.  We have no idea what happened this time, but I got in 30 minutes later. 

I’m in now.  I showered and put my sweatpants on.  I finally had my breakfast, and my Venti Soy AmeriMisto was certainly earned today.  I don’t know, with the amount of work that I have to catch up on, I would doubt that there will be a second one in my near future.  Again reason why I love my neighborhood- Starbucks is 3 blocks away. 

You know, this day was too horrible.  I mean it could have been a lost worse within this scenario.  I called back my friend Jen once I got in and she used the lovely common phrase, that I’ve learned to doubt, “Everything happens for a reason.”  Funny, because this whole morning I was thinking the opposite because I couldn’t understand what the reason for this inconvenience could possibly be.  It’s not like I met the love of my life in my homeless hours.  But maybe I did learn from this experience.  For one, I will carry my cell phone with me everywhere, and probably a book or magazine too.  Secondly, I’ll always wear presentable clothes when I leave my apartment- even if it’s just taking out the trash.  But in all seriousness, as Jen hinted at, this morning made me look at how reliant we are on technology and materialistic things.  Without my phone and other distractions, I was able to enjoy simple moments of pleasure.  And not only that.  I did something off my to-do list by running through the streets of my neighborhood.

Okay, it’s 4:30 pm and my work unfortunately won’t do itself.  ♥ K


2 thoughts on “fml: not much good about this morning

  1. Hakuna Matata, girl. Hakuna Matata.

    You’re in my thoughts. Hope things get better for you ASAP! Remember I’m always available for listening if you need someone to talk to 🙂

    1. Thank you! I wanted to write you an email back and everything, but looks like that may have to happen tomorrow now. Today wasn’t the best day, but I survived. Hope you’re doing well!

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