gaga ou la la

I got to sorta play hookie yesterday afternoon for a few hours when I left work early for a doctor’s appointment.  The warmer weather has hit Chicago, and although it was still grey and cool people’s spirits were up…including a group of kids on the train.  I’m so glad that I cannot make this up because it truly brought huge smiles to my face and many little chuckles.  So these kids (elementary-school aged to pre-teens) got on the train as I headed towards Fullerton.  I immediately decided that all of the kids on the train yesterday had some form of ADD (who doesn’t?), were highly caffeinated, and had spring fever.  Before I knew it, the train was filled with the sound of Lady Gaga’s Bad Romance.  I have to admit that it was pretty fun.  Some of those train rides can be so blah, and it gets old being forced to listen to people talk on their cell phones to one of their baby daddies ON SPEAKER PHONE.  Seriously!  Not to mention those lovely college girls, that I swear I never was, with their “OMG.  I was like so drunk.  Like he texted me and like he was so drunk.”  I think I’d rather hear nails on a chalk board.

So this is my shout-out before I head out the door for my morning commute.  Be good to me today, Friday.  ♥ K



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