bring on the rain

I love rainy days!  Call me crazy, but I do.  Rain boots. Umbrella-ellas.  Puddles.  Love them all.  Maybe I should move to Seattle.  Starbucks & rain! 

With the crisp cool somewhat-spring air it just feels so refreshing when you’re walking outside.  Plus it’s an excuse be unproductive, take a nap and enjoy of my favorite rainy day activities…but I’m at work. 

Back in college, I used to love rainy days.  First of all it was an excuse (like we needed one) to dress for class in sweats, baseball cap, and hair in a ponytail or pigtail braids.  Another great thing about rainy nights was that you didn’t feel the need to head up to Court Street, and if you did go then it wasn’t  as crowded since everyone else was getting drunk at home. Oh college.

One rainy moment in college stands out for me.  During spring quarter of my sophomore year at OU, Brandon and I took an evening class together called TV/ Film Comedy.  It’s evident to say that this is the time that Brandon and my friendship really blossomed.  Anyways, one night we were walking back from class when it started to rain.  Now one thing I’ll always remember about B is that he refuses to ever use an umbrella, proudly stating that (real) guys don’t use umbrellas.  I must not have had one myself so as the rain came pouring down we were pretty drenched.  By the time we made it to my dorm we did care how much more wet we got- so we stayed outside on the catwalk for a good while.  It’s a moment like this that I can still vividly picture 6 years later: One I quite honestly don’t think I’ll ever forget. 

Rainy days are good thinking days.  On the train I found myself staring out the window, lost in my own thoughts.  Nothing relevant.  Nothing stressful.  Just thoughts.  I thought about my friends, my family, little Hazel, etc.  It was pretty peaceful.  In fact, I probably could have ridden the train all day, listening to music, reading a book, and staring out the window.  It also a great opportunity to check out everyone else’s rain gear.  Now I’m on an adventure to find turquoise Hunter rain boots.  Or the pretty pink ones I saw today.  Retail therapy…another rainy day activity!   ♥ K


One thought on “bring on the rain

  1. I love rainy days too, K. SO much. You have to love the rain in Athens because that’s all it does from March-May! My favorite was how green it would get. Especially walking under the trees on College Green. I’ve never seen green like that anywhere else. Athens truly is magical. PS – Nordstrom carries Hunters. 😉

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